Marble is one of the most sought-after materials in creating a classy, elegant home or office. It adds an instant flair to any space and makes it look stylish and expensive. Planning a home renovation soon and want to integrate marble into your interior design? Consider BOYSEN Marmorino! Unlike marble, it’s relatively lightweight and comes in an array of bright colors.

What is BOYSEN Marmorino?

Product in Focus: BOYSEN Marmorino | MyBoysen

BOYSEN Marmorino is a lime-based decorative marble finish that is formulated to be used on interior surfaces. It’s designed to be both watertight and antibacterial which makes it ideal for luxurious bathrooms and other relatively damp areas, too! Its smooth, lustrous finish blended with the gentle shadows of your lighting fixtures create a sense of depth and exquisite details to any modern interior design concept.

BOYSEN Marmorino is comprised of three components:

  1. B-5005 Marmorino Primer is an acrylic, water-based special primer for Marmorino Classico. Take note! You cannot substitute this primer for other paint primer alternatives. It has got to be this one to achieve the required thickness and color.
  2. B-5010 Marmorino Classico is a blade-applied, fine-grain plaster that creates the high-gloss marble finish.
  3. B-5000 Marmorino Wax is a water-based natural wax for the protection of lime-based mineral plasters such as BOYSEN Marmorino. Coating your Marmorino-applied surface with this wax protects the design while making it easy to clean.

Luxurious Shades of BOYSEN Marmorino

Before we dive into the technical part of BOYSEN Marmorino, let’s take a look at all the luxurious shades you can come up with! To create a variety of shades using Marmorino, add a minimum of (1) to a maximum of (7) 240-gram Marmorino toner for every 24 kg pail of Marmorino Classico.

Product in Focus: BOYSEN Marmorino | MyBoysen

Always remember that a machine drill mixer is recommended for the smooth mixing of the Marmorino Classico with the chosen toners.

How to Apply BOYSEN Marmorino

Product in Focus: BOYSEN Marmorino | MyBoysen

Step 01: Properly prime the surface with B-5005 Marmorino Primer.

Step 02: Using the Marmorino Trowel, liberally apply a coat of Marmorino Classico (that’s been mixed with your chosen toner) onto the properly prepped surface. Apply a second coat of the colored Marmorino Classico, trying to keep ridges and trowel imperfections to a minimum.  Allow these to dry overnight until wet spots are no longer visible.

Step 03: Spot apply a third coat of the colored Marmorino Classico to achieve a marble pattern. Work fast! Allow setting for a few minutes only.

Step 04: To create a more uniform and smoother finish, press and polish in some more Marmorino Classico onto the surface by using the trowel for leveling the surface. Let this dry for another 2 days.

Step 05: Once the applied Marmorino products have completely dried, use a soft sponge to apply the Marmorino Wax. Smooth over the surface using a soft, lint-free cloth to finish off the look.

Unlike regular latex paints, the application of BOYSEN Marmorino can get complicated. It’s best to have the professionals apply this to achieve your desired look.

Marble-ous Elegance

The step-by-step process of applying BOYSEN Marmorino can get overwhelming. We know! Don’t worry, though. Our lines are always open for any further questions and inquiries about this awesome product. You can message us on Facebook or Instagram. Or, go old-school and drop a line at 8364-9999. Happy painting!


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