Boysen’s talks last weekend for the SM Home Condo Essentials were about paint and colors.

Communications Manager Ramil Mendoza gave the talks. Technical experts Aldrin Reyes and Carlo Gatbonton were there to answer technical questions.

Boysen Color Trends

Ramil’s talk included tips on how to make a room look bigger with paint. He also touched on how Boysen chooses paint colors for their annual Color Trend.

Boysen, together with the other members of the Nova Paint Club, an international group of leading independent paint companies around the world, have workshops together with an international color expert to discuss color trends for the following year. Paint colors for the year, usually six colors for each of the four palettes, are chosen by Boysen based on the factors influencing the lifestyle of the modern Filipino. Every year, Boysen researches on trends in culture, design, fashion, technology, and media.

For the SM Home Condo Essentials, we used the palette Tradition of Color Trend 2017.

Paint Colors Condo_1
Boysen Communications Manager Ramil Mendoza (L) and SM Home AVP for Marketing Tom Castaneda (R)
SM Condo Essentials

There was a sizable crowd on both days. SM Home assistant vice president for marketing Tom Castaneda, the initiator of the SM Home Condo Essentials, apologized for underestimating the expected public participation, hence the space where the talks were held was not big enough to comfortably accommodate the crowd. Despite this though, the people happily took the chance to ask the experts, together with the designers, all kinds of questions on how they could improve their homes. Some even stayed for the full talk, a total of five hours!

As Tom said, “In recent years, we’ve seen condo sizes shrink. And as they do, homeowners have to learn how to maximize their spaces, to live comfortably without feeling cooped up.”

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Thanks for joining the SM Condo Essentials talks and see you again soon!





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