Yellow can be a polarizing color. You love it or feel indifferent and wouldn’t willingly buy anything in the hue. If you’re in the latter, the recent attention on a particularly muted shade of yellow might change your mind. Enter, butter yellow.

The Fuss Around Butter Yellow

High fashion runway looks, revamped New York restaurants, and cozy home accessories—butter yellow is bringing its soft radiance into every nook and cranny that it can! It’s been slowly creeping up on us but now it seems that butter yellow has spread enough that it’s become the color of the moment.

Butter Yellow: How to Use This Trendy Soft Hue at Home | MyBoysen

Butter yellow sits comfortably between too blinding and too boring—just right, as Goldilocks might say. Being a yellow shade, it’s bright and cheery but maintains a layer of subtlety. It’s close to cream just with added zest! It’s arguably a color that both maximalists and minimalists can agree on.

“If done right, butter yellow can act as a neutral and pair with almost anything in the muted family, but two of my favorites are a light, greenish gray and a deeper, earthy blue,” says designer Shea McGee to House Beautiful.

Butter Yellow for Your Home

Maaliwalas indeed. Butter yellow is like the morning sun streaming into your bedroom window. It’s light and airy but still brings in warmth. “It can warm up a space or brighten a space, two elements that are often considered opposites. It’s playful and cheerful while also infusing an air of nostalgia,” adds McGee.

Whether you’re aiming for chic and elevated or carefree and relaxed, butter yellow is here for you. Check out how you can incorporate it into your home with these paint ideas.

Living Room

Butter Yellow: How to Use This Trendy Soft Hue at Home | MyBoysen

Walk into a living room you love. Bring a breezy freshness into your space with the lightest of yellows. Say hi to Butterball! It’s perfect for small spaces like condos that need a little pick-me-up. It will keep you cheery in the day and cozy at night.


Butter Yellow: How to Use This Trendy Soft Hue at Home | MyBoysen

Let’s head into the kitchen to splash some color on wooden cabinets. All you need is a 4-liter container of Boysen Quick Drying Enamel in white and 250-ml container of Boysen Oil Tinting Colors in Hansa Yellow. Mix these together and you get a lovely butter yellow to paint your kitchen cabinets.

Work Area

Butter Yellow: How to Use This Trendy Soft Hue at Home | MyBoysen

Find balance while you work. You need to stay focused while keeping your cool, and there’s absolutely no sleeping on the job either. With a bit more yellow sprinkled in, Butter Tart gives you a boost of energy without being distracting. It makes for a beautiful virtual meeting background too.

So, what do you think, is it a yes for butter yellow? Tell us in the comments!

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