If you’re the type of person who spends a pretty good amount of time every single day planning (read: plotting) her OOTD, chances are you usually zero in on a single piece of clothing or accessory that would be the icing on your full outfit, in other words, a fashion accessory that would make great eye candy.

Imagine that socialite in an all-black ensemble, elegantly clutching that It Purse in deep velvet red…or what about that celebrity in a baby pink dress that she matched with ruby-toned stilettos? Your eyes will definitely be drawn to the purse and shoes, because, well, their colors pop.

So what’s the point in all these? If you can spend a considerable amount of time visualizing your OOTDs, then it actually makes perfect sense to seriously strategize how you want to create dramatic looks in your own home, that is, by carefully choosing an item in your home’s specific area, painting it dramatically, and turning it into a stand-out accent piece.

Try these painting DIYs for those eye-catching interiors.

Statement Doors

Seeing beige, brown, and white doors can be a daily occurrence, so why not level up your entry’s welcoming powers and color it bright! Orange, red, green, yellow, or a lively kind of blue will certainly increase the attractiveness of your  entrance or exit. In the past, I recoated my ordinary-looking white back door using excess red paint, and what a difference that made. From a shy, self-effacing door, it made a loud statement, “Come through me, there’s so much more to see!”

Happy Chair

In a room filled with muted tones of neutral-colored walls and furniture, a cheerfully colored seat can be a welcome sight for weary souls. Check out which area of your home needs a quick facelift, without necessitating repainting of walls. Repainting a plain-looking chair with a vivid color can work wonders.

Cupboard Drama

Skip the whites and light-colored hues, and be bolder with your kitchen cupboards. Play up your kitchen cabinets by experimenting with adventurous colors. The kitchen after all is no place to be meek and timid with the visual vibe. A lot of cooking happens here, so let your dramatic cupboards complement the flurry of activity.

Vibrant TV Wall

Remember the time we used to place our TVs on humdrum racks or tables? Well, gone are those days. Boost the experience of TV viewing by providing your telly with eyecatching and buzz-inspiring backdrops.

Kid-magnet Study Table

Ever wondered how else you can make studying more exciting for your child? Just like that automobile bed you bought your son, where he gets his oh-so-lovely naps, why not add some pizzazz to his place of study by splashing his table with his fave color? Your daughter currently in love with pink? By all means, treat her to a pink study table. She will thank you for it. Who knows, the thank-yous might even come in the form of better report cards.

These are minor color transformations that do not require too much cost nor time. Amazing how a little color change can go a long way, and be pleasantly surprising.

Feature image: Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash






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