Copenhagen is among the most artistic cities in Europe that truly values the importance of design. Denmark has been at the vanguard of the design industry for many years, particularly in furniture* and architecture. Accessibility, innovation, and pragmatism are among the main qualities of the Danish approach, and what better way to interpret these through experimental painting ideas?

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Color is accessible and pragmatic because paint is easily available and simple to use. Painting requires relatively minimal effort to execute, but can be highly impactful when done well. Danish designers have used innovative painting ideas to transform industrial and suburban areas into new spaces where locals can commune.


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Some areas of Copenhagen, such as Nørrebro and Refshaleøen, are beginning to gain traction with locals and tourists alike, thanks to local projects that are reviving these neighbourhoods through design.


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You can easily do the same at home by using colors to enliven your living space. Take a look at these color palettes for painting ideas inspired by the neighborhoods of Copenhagen.

Indre By

Painting Ideas Inspired by Copenhagen - Indre By

Indre By (“Inner City”) generally refers to all of central Copenhagen, but at the center of it all are the classic buildings and palaces similar to most European capitals. Amalienborg, Christiansborg, and Rosenborg all have similar shades of pale brown stone with dark tiled roofs, and copper green fixtures in the mix. Alternatively, the iconic Nyhavn waterfront is also close by, known for its colorful mix of yellow, blue, red, and green buildings that line the port.

This palette is an interesting contrast between the rigid shades of European nobility and the playfulness of everyday life. It can reflect the multifaceted aspects of one’s identity when executed as a home painting idea.


Painting Ideas Inspired by Copenhagen - Christianshavn

Christianshavn is located on the eastern side of Indre By with canals coursing through the small islands. This is the bohemian district of the capital, where Christiania – the infamous and colorful hippie commune – is located. One one end, you’ll find industrial stone and red brick buildings that have been repurposed into restaurants, bars, and apartments; and further south are buildings painted in bright shades of yellows, reds, and oranges.

Christianshavn’s palette signifies modernity that also pays homage to its history. For the home, this painting idea is perfect for those who want a subtle gradation in colors, instigating change without shock.


Painting Ideas Inspired by Copenhagen - Vesterbro

Vesterbro is known as the meatpacking district, and the once-seedy red light district of Copenhagen. It has an alternative charm that may not be for everyone, but it certainly has a good selection of restaurants and vintage boutiques in the area. While modern architecture exists – examples being the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and the Axel Towers – the color palette here is straightforward. Shades of red brick, stone, gray, and white, together with steel and copper, retain the gritty vibe Vesterbro is known for.

Painting ideas executed with this palette reflects simplicity and grit for the punk at heart, who dislikes frills and instead, finds creative expression in austerity.


Painting Ideas Inspired by Copenhagen - Nørrebro

Many travelers often overlook the vibrant and multicultural neighborhood Nørrebro. Once known as the working-class district notorious for its slums and riots in the 1980s, Nørrebro has undergone a trendy new revival with young businesses setting shop. Independent fashion labels, Michelin-starred restaurants, colorful  urban parks, and yoga studios have created an electric culture in Nørrebro for the new generation of Danes.

Stroll through Jægersborggade to get painting ideas with the use of pastels. Shades of light green and blue are superimposed into old buildings, contrasting with the old brick façades, and breathing new life into the neighborhood.

Copenhagen is a testament to the power of color, and proves how simple painting ideas can create a powerful shift in culture. Color is unquestionably transformative when applied artistically in spaces. When homes are refreshed with new color schemes, the same energy shift can happen.

Boysen carries multiple shades of colors that can be used to make these painting ideas a reality. The Boysen Color Trends also feature more unique color palettes and inspirations you can use if you wish to renew your home.

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