Boysen Automotive Lacquer remains as one of the top choices when it comes to painting interior woodworks. It dries into a hard and durable film with a sleek and super glossy finish. However, what if you want to retain the look of natural wood? This is where Boysen Lacquer Products come in.

Boysen Lacquer Products

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Particularly for interior wood works such as cabinets, furniture, and wall panels, we recommend using Boysen Oil Wood Stain to bring out and enhance the natural look and tone of wood. However, just using Oil Wood Stain isn’t enough, you have to use a clear topcoat in order to protect the finish from the usual wear and tear.

Here are the Boysen Lacquer Products you can use. It’s available in 3 variants: flat, gloss, and high gloss.

  1. Clear Dead Flat Lacquer B-1253 for a flat finish
  2. Clear Gloss Lacquer B-1250 for a gloss finish
  3. Water White Clear Gloss Lacquer B-1258 for an even clearer and glossier finish

How to use Boysen Lacquer Products

All three of these products come in ready-to-use mixtures. However, should it be necessary, you can add approximately 10% (by volume) of Boysen Lacquer Flo B-1205 to any of these lacquer products. Boysen Lacquer Flo is a lacquer-type liquid additive that can be mixed with Boysen Lacquer Products to prevent moisture blushing. You can check out the article below to know more about it.

Boysen Lacquer Flo: Tips, Tricks, and Advice from Experts

Surface Preparation

Any good painting project should start with proper surface preparation. For interior woodworks, sand the surface until the wood is smooth to the touch. Hammer all nails deep enough so that you can apply a wood filler to smoothen the surface. Dust off the substrate completely then go through it with a clean rag to make sure no dust or dirt remains. If you’re repainting a previously painted surface, completely scrape off all the old paint first before the applying any of the Boysen Lacquer products.

Painting Schedule

If you’re starting from a bare substrate, stain the wooden surfaces first by using Boysen Oil Wood Stain. Oil Wood Stain has 5 color options that you can either use as a half-tone or as a full tone.

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Once the stain completely dries, properly seal the substrate by using a sealer coat such as Boysen Lacquer Sanding Sealer B-1254. Using a sealer coat prevents tannin from migrating to the surface of the substrate, so that the look of your Oil Wood Stain application is maintained. Once the Lacquer Sanding Sealer dries, sand it lightly before applying any clear topcoat.

Finally, depending on what sheen you want, coat the surface with Clear Gloss Lacquer, Clear Dead Flat Lacquer, or Water White Clear Gloss Lacquer. These products are best applied by using a spray gun for an even finish.

Some Final Notes

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