Color psychology, to put it simply, is the study of how colors affect our mood and behavior. For example, how would you think you would feel if you spent an hour in a room with all its walls painted a bold red? Likely restless after a while!

Color psychology also touches on how society views certain colors. Red, for example, is perceived as a passionate and even aggressive color often representing both love and anger. So, how well do you think you know color psychology?

Let's test your knowledge!

Which is the “happiest” hue? It’s also considered to be a bold and creative color.

Which color in its deeper shades is most associated with trust and stability? Here’s a hint: due to the symbolisms mentioned, it’s often used in logos by companies such as financial and healthcare institutions.

Which color is the most “social” and “outgoing”? It’s also the most playful.

Which color is “the most dramatic”? It’s associated with opulence and royalty, and is the color of magic and mystery.

In interior design, this color is used to achieve a look of elegance and luxury. It’s described as a “powerful” color as well. It makes sense then that it’s a popular color for high-end cars!

A “healing” color, this hue is associated with nature. Sweets food, however, are less appealing in a room with walls in this hue.

This soft color is often used to symbolize compassion and kindness. They say desserts in this color taste sweeter too! So, if you’re baking a cake, consider this for the icing.

This is the color of perfection. However, in excessive amounts and without other colors in a space to accompany it, there’s a risk of it being too harsh, cold, and rigid.

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Let's test your knowledge!

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