It’s early in the evening and you’ve had a long day. All you want to do is put your feet up and relax every single muscle in your body. For some, this is best done in a cozy corner all to one’s self—a spot in your home where you have nothing else to do but let go of worries and problems. If this sounds perfect to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these cozy corners to hopefully inspire you to build your own:

Relaxing blues and greens

Did you know that cool colors like those in shades of blue and green feel inherently relaxing? They remind us of the outdoors and the healing effects being surrounded by nature can bring. If you crave a bit of nature in your home (in addition to the indoor plants you might already have), try colors in relaxing blues and greens.

For décor, soft furnishings like throw blankets and throw pillows can make your chosen spot even cozier and inviting. A soft rug under your feet won’t hurt either!

Cozy pinks

In color psychology, softer shades of pink are suggested to have a calming effect too. It’s perceived as a soft and sweet color that can also bring positive empowering energy in deeper tones. More and more is pink becoming a gender-neutral color as well. So, those hesitating to have pink in their homes simply because of gender norms—there’s no need to! Pink is for everyone.

If you’re decorating your cozy corner, pink pairs well with copper accents and shades of blue. Plantitas and plantitos, it’s nice to know that it makes a great backdrop for greenery too.

Energizing yellows

Yellows are for you if you like to take energizing breaks—the type that fills you up so you’re ready and roaring to go again! Go-getters, why not have a cozy corner in this color? This hue is associated with happiness and energy. It is uplifting, bold, and brave. It catches your attention and is likely the first color you see when looking at a space.

It may be a good choice for creatives as well. Per Entrepreneur, “[Yellow] is believed to trigger innovation and is best used in work environments where artists, writers, designers, developers and other creative professionals work.”

Light and airy off-whites and grays

Off-whites and grays are no-fuss colors but this doesn’t mean they’re bland—not at all. Shades of off-white give a light and airy feel, the perfect escape from the noisy and cramped city. These hues make great picks for Scandinavian interiors and #TeamPuti interior design styles. Pair with lots of wooden accents and finishes.

Light grays, on the other hand, can bring more depth and visual interest while still retaining that maaliwalas feel. Gray is a neutral hue that works well with several interior design styles too, whatever your preference may be. So, bookworms, what do you think of the reading nook in gray below?

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Feature image by Yehleen gaffney on Unsplash


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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