For coffee lovers, coffee is that magical brown brew that gives you a boost in the morning, offers you a pick-me-up throughout the day, or is the drumroll that ends a meal.

Coffee roasts range from a light brown to an extra dark, almost black color, depending on the roast levels.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.
Coffee Trivia
  • Robusta and Arabica are two types of coffee plants. Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, but the latter is of superior quality.
  • Light roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts.

  • An espresso has a third of the caffeine content found in a regular cup of coffee.
  • In Continental Europe, it was tradition to drink cappuccino only during breakfast, and espresso after dinner. Italians would consider it strange if you order cappuccino after 11 am.
  • Black coffee contains no calories. On a diet? Skip the sugar, cream and other additives!
  • Dark-roasted coffee is stomach-friendly.
More Browns

Explore more browns by clicking on the paint names – Lokal Brown, Vintage Cigar, Rich Peat.





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