Dexter and Mia wasted no time preparing the nursery. Papa chose an antibacterial and odor-less Healthy Home paint in beautiful dark grey called Movie Night, which got Mama’s nod of approval.

Movie Night is a dramatic and intense color that belongs to the BE SEEN palette of Color Trend 2018. Using a stencil, Mia decorated the entire grey wall with white clouds using the lovely color Sugar Dust. The dark grey hue reminds me of a previous post I made last year about baby rooms where different warm and cool greys were used on the walls. Grey is considered a neutral color. It is very easy to match with other colors like yellow, salmon, pink or lavender. White is also a great color to use on grey as you can see in the video. The clouds really pop because of the dark background.

Tips on How to Paint a Stencil Wall Mural

Making a stencil wall mural is not difficult but it can be tedious, especially if you choose a complicated design. If you’re repainting the wall, you’d need to give the paint time to dry. Mia started dividing the wall into rectangles using a masking tape after seven days. If your design is more free-flowing and asymmetrical, you don’t need a grid but you have to have the confidence to just go for it and have the “eye” to ensure that your design is evenly spaced and balanced.

If you have the boldness to do DIY, then making a stencil mural is not such a big leap. Go ahead and try doing it on your own walls. You can just surf the internet and find loads of patterns that you can download for free. Try one of the ideas in this Martha Stewart article. You can also check out the Royal Design Studio Stencils for inspiration.

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