Who doesn’t love summer? You know it’s a great season when there’s not a single cloud in the sky, and there are only sunlit days and trips to the ice cream shop. We finally switch our black dresses to floral dresses —notice how our clothes are in harmony with the season, so should our homes.

It’s time to make hay while the sun shines, and pick the right colors for this season. During this time of the year, you want to create a bright, airy atmosphere for your home. The Enable palette of the Boysen Color Trend 2019 is what you need.

Images from Unsplash by Daniel Kuruvilla, Timothy Meinberg, Banter Snaps, and Etienne Girardet.

Summer Interior Inspirations

Let the electric colors of the Enable palette give life to your living space. Check out these summer interior inspirations that you can try for your renovation.



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This bedroom, drenched in Truth Be Told and Crystal Gems, feels like a breath of fresh air.  It’s akin to a glass of cold water that quenches your thirst after a fun day in the sun.

Mini bar


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Pink Pixel dominates this retro mini bar at home. You’ll never want to leave the house if you have this fashionably nostalgic mini bar.

Reading nook


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Look at how Fresh Queue captures natural light and makes it even more glowing. Catch up on your leisure reading in this cozy reading nook.



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We’re tired of white bathrooms. Try pairing punchy hues like Pink Pixel with Key Influencer and watch how it brightens up your bathroom.

Living room


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Emoji Master, Key Influencer, and Pink Pixel are all in play here in this maximalist living room. Marie Kondo, who? We don’t know her.

Kitchen or Dining Area


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We’re here for a spotless kitchen. Truth Be Told further lightens up this modern coastal style kitchen.

If the Enable palette is too energetic and stimulating for your eyes, check out these rooms inspired by the blue ocean and bring the calming, blue paradise to your home.

Discover other trendy color palettes. Click here to visit the Boysen Color Trend website now!


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