It’s that time of the year again, when the sun rises earlier and shines brighter than usual. And since it’s a sunny day every day, it’s also a good time to do some home renovations. It’s high time to finally realize those projects you’ve been planning since last year, right? Nevertheless, if you’re still unsure on how to proceed with redesigning your home, Let it B is here to help with kitchen paint ideas.

This week, the main dish will be about making your kitchen the “warmest” (pun intended) place in your home. Yes, we mean it in a literal and figurative sense, because we’re giving you great kitchen paint ideas today with Yellow Summer 2018. With these color ideas, you can take advantage of summer season’s great natural lighting. Be ready for your homiest kitchen design yet.

The Sun is Yellow!

Look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and everything you do,
Yeah, they were all YELLOW.

See? Even Coldplay agrees that yellow is a great color. If there’s any color that will best characterize summer season, it’s none other than the color of the sun: Yellow. And as it warmly brings forth the other colors of nature during daytime, so will it do the same for your kitchen.

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

Healthy doses of yellow hues on your kitchen cabinets, such as Boysen’s Yellowstone Park will surely bring warmth to the room. You can spice it up further with some green accents using Tree Hugger or Forest Ranger. And then you can top it all off with Renewed White on the ceiling to complete the warm and bright ambiance. 

These colors, together with large and nicely positioned windows will let you maximize the use of natural lighting during daytime. Prepare and eat your breakfast and lunch with more gusto as you let the sunlight energize you with the bright interiors!

Warm as the Golden Morning Sun

If fully bright interiors aren’t your thing, then we can go with another shade of yellow: Boysen’s Sun Blessed, a shade of yellow that closely resembles the light of the early morning sun.

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

Cozy Yellow is a fuller shade of yellow. This is one of the best kitchen paint ideas if you want to achieve a more classic, luxurious look in your kitchen. It will do very well with granite kitchen tops and wooden panel flooring. If you’d like to add more warmth and intensity to the ambiance, you can also put some red accents on the kitchen cabinets and counters. The Thimbleberry from Boysen Paints is a good candidate for this role.

The yellow and red color duo will be effective in boosting the ambiance of a combined kitchen and dining room, because these colors have been proven to increase people’s appetites. Be prepared for bigger servings then.

Yellow is a Happy Color

Yellow is a powerful color. According to psychologists, the color yellow brings about optimism and enthusiasm, and symbolizes happiness in general. As mentioned above, it also boosts appetite. All these factors add up to making yellow as a prime candidate for the dominant color for your kitchen and dining room. With yellow to uplift the ambiance, your family will certainly enjoy more hearty meals and conversations over breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

Kitchen Paint Ideas: Get the Yellow Summer into Your Homes

In addition to the colors mentioned, Boysen Paints can provide you with more color options to achieve the Yellow Summer look for your kitchen. You can consider using Boysen’s Permacoat series. Permacoat is composed of 100% acrylic latex paint, and designed to surface dry in just 30 minutes. It has been engineered to coat concrete interiors, but is also suitable for drywalls including bricks, primed wood, stucco, and plaster. Boysen Permacoat will give your walls a tough and dirt-resistant coating.

Other paint options for the kitchen are the Healthy Home line and Virtuoso, which have antibacterial properties and are odor-less.

For more kitchen paint ideas, you’ll find a lot of tips and advice here. Visit us regularly for more updates. 


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