Color Perspectives is the latest booth concept of Boysen, which you can now visit in Worldbex at World Trade Center from March 14 to 18. We made a painterly animated video to give you a taste of what’s in store for you when you visit the booth. There are five rooms which you can visit with your friends or with strangers. In these rooms,  you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of colors.

The Blue Room

Your experience will start with the blue room. What kind of floaty experience will you find? What do we mean by Fly with the Cranes?

What Rooms Await You in Color Perspectives? What Rooms Await You in Color Perspectives? What Rooms Await You in Color Perspectives?

The Yellow Room

What does it feel like to be in a space that is totally yellow? There’s a lot to see so enjoy the objects and the textures. Have a seat, breathe in the lemon scent, and take your time to find the gnome.

What Rooms Await You in Color Perspectives?

The Projection Room

Move on to the projection room and be part of the kaleidoscope. See how the colors look on you. It’s party time over here so dance a jig, move around, feel that beat, and have a blast.

What Rooms Await You in Color Perspectives?

The Miniature Room

Have you ever wondered how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole? Well, there are lots of holes you can peep into. Find out which room color you prefer.

The Color Maze

Strike a pose in this alley of mirrors where you see yourself reflected back again and again against a wall of different colors. You may be tempted to tarry but keep going, there’s another backdrop waiting for you outside

Your Last Snaps in the Color Hall

Before you leave, take more selfies, twofies or groufies by that luminous wall of glass vials filled with colored paint. It’s 4.6 meters high and 9.36 meters wide so you’ve really got a lot of wall to pose in front of. We’ve seen barkadas getting that fun shot. Upload your photos with #BoysenColorPerspectives.

If you want to go through the whole experience again, you are most welcome. All you need to do is to join the queue again.



Flushed with winning a prize in the recently concluded Interior & Design Manila (IDM at SMX, March 8 to 10), Color Perspectives, Boysen’s latest booth, will be at Worldbex from today, March 14, to March 18 at the World Trade Center.  The doors open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM.

Like in the booths of past years, there were queues outside the booth in IDM as visitors eagerly awaited their turn. Avoid the rush by coming early to Worldbex.

Immerse Yourself in Color Perspectives

Experience for yourself what it means to immerse yourself in a very colorful environment. In Color Perspectives, you can’t help but be drawn in.

Visit the New Boysen Color Perspectives in Worldbex

Visit the New Boysen Color Perspectives in Worldbex

Visit the New Boysen Color Perspectives in Worldbex

Visit the New Boysen Color Perspectives in Worldbex


Watch these videos of the booth in the Interior & Design Manila last week.

Worldbex, March 14 to 18, 2018, World Trade Center

Come visit us at Worldbex. Immerse yourself in a world of colors.



Boysen unveils its latest interactive booth concept called Color Perspectives in this year’s Interior & Design Manila which starts today, March 8, and runs until March 11, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center.

As mentioned in our Christmas message last year, whereas we had talked about interactivity in 2016’s Color Lab with the swatchsicles, and 2017’s painting different forms of wooden blocks, 2018 will be all about immersion. So what do we mean by that?

This video is a taste of things to expect. You have to go visit the booth to explore exactly what we mean by immersion.

For March, here are the possible dates and places where you can experience the Boysen booth called Color Perspectives!
March 8-10, Interior & Design Manila, SMX Convention Center
March 14-18, Worldbex, World Trade Center

Like in previous years, the booth will also be taken on a roadshow to other major cities outside Metro Manila. We will let you know where and when so subscribe to this blog.