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Carlo came up with an inspired idea to mix and match colors and have an accent wall in his Mom’s neighborhood fruit bar.  He made a geometric pattern on the wall using triangles and painting them with fresh colors.

Mix & Match Colors

Carlo chose paint colors of mango, cantaloupe, orange, sunshine, blue skies and soft earth. The wall becomes such a feast for the eyes. It’s a veritable cornucopia of delight and goodness, perfect for a place where people come to refresh themselves.

Having this kind of wall in your home really jazzes up a space. If you keep the rest of the space calm and make the accent wall the focal point of a room, then you bring in excitement into your home, without making it overwhelming. In choosing the colors, use a color wheel or choose palettes from Boysen Color Trends.

We’ve talked a lot about an accent wall in this blog with our collaboration with SM Home. Here’s our latest one with the Color Trend 2018 colors.

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After a shoot, the blog team of two made a beeline for the Tory Burch shop in Greenbelt 5. Someone had told us that it was very colorful. It definitely was and what added to our excitement was that it’s the Be Seen palette of Color Trend 2018. How cool!

Color Trend 2018 BE SEEN Palette in Tory Burch Style

Color Trend 2018 BE SEEN Palette in Tory Burch Style
Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint

Bold. Audacious. Brilliant.

That was the copy on the window display, plus the additional, “An explosion of color and prints, inspired by David Hicks.”

So true. That. Because the Be Seen palette is all about stepping on stage and shining like a star. Offer no apologies for who you are – your intention, your passion, that spark that makes you unique, because this is your one inimitable life so live it with all you’ve got!

Color Trend 2018 BE SEEN Palette in Tory Burch Style

I liked the bags too, by the way, especially the striped one. That would really brighten up any outfit! Although I would prefer to have a different print on my clothes and not be too matchy-matchy with the bag. Just a thought though, because I’ll stick to my locally made bags. Buy Filipino has been my mantra for more than a decade now.

Eclectic Chic from Tory Burch

I love the print on print background. The colorful, eclectic and geometric designs remind me of mandalas, Greek patterns, Moroccan tiles, and Spanish ceramic patterns.

David Hicks was one of the most important interior designers of the late twentieth century, who became known for his carpets and textiles.

“My greatest contribution as an interior designer has been to show people how to use bold color mixtures, how to use patterned carpets, how to light rooms, and how to mix old with new.
– David Hicks, Living—with Taste

Palette Be Seen

Color Trend 2018 BE SEEN Palette in Tory Burch Style

The above photo is one of the interior shots we used for the Color Trend 2018 brochure. If you want to download the brochure, click on this link.


There were two incidents that inspired Melissa Lee, VP for Sales and Marketing of Hi Precision Diagnostics, to build an auxiliary clinic called MomMe Care dedicated for moms and kids.

The first incident happened during a trip to Japan when her son got sick. They had to go to a building which was only for pediatrics. The second source of inspiration was her own experience during her pregnancy when she had to undergo a series of blood tests. While in the waiting room, there was a man who was really sick and coughing non-stop. She noticed her own discomfort.

Two MomMe Care Branches

Mel shared, “For the first experience, I thought it was really convenient to have a whole building just for pedia. As regards the second, I felt that pregnant women deserve a place for themselves since they need special care due to a lower immune system.” These two moments were the seeds for MomMe Care. “But we have something smaller, a wing of a Hi-Precision branch, and not an entire building,” Melissa added.

There are now two branches which opened early this year. One is located at Del Monte in Quezon City, the other at the Alabang-Zapote Road in Las Piñas. Both clinics have obstetricians/gynecologists and pediatricians.

MomMe Care: A Clinic Exclusively for Moms and Kids

Health Care Services Offered

These are the following services offered in the clinics:

  • 3D-4D ultrasound
  • blood tests for kids and moms
  • non-invasive prenatal testing that can determine the health of the baby and gender as early as 9 weeks of gestation

MomMe Care: A Clinic Exclusively for Moms and Kids

There is also a feeding room available, as well as a nebulizing room and a small area where kids can color books or watch TV while waiting.

A Satisfied Mom-to-Be

Karen H. Pregoner, a soon-to-be first time mom judging from the size of her tummy, had this to say,

…It’s very convenient and mas mabilis ang transaction. Tapos iyong ambience ng place sobrang nakaka-relax kahit pa ba mag wait ka ng matagal. Unlike…doon sa regular lane nila…but here sobrang comfortable ang feeling, masaya, at tsaka relax lang…”

The MomMe Care Ambience

The colors of the interiors are an interesting mix of pastels. The light and fresh colors create a warm, relaxing and friendly ambience.

MomMe Care: A Clinic Exclusively for Moms and Kids

The waiting room has a lot of comfortable seating areas. The upholstery was done in different colors to complement the hues of the walls. Cut-outs of clouds and trees are a fun way to tease the imagination. You feel that you could be in a friendly garden with nature all around you. The excellent lighting add to the cheerful vibe by making you feel that you were indeed under the sun’s glow.

MomMe Care: A Clinic Exclusively for Moms and Kids

There was another waiting area inside for those who would have to be examined, or needed some private time with her doctor. There was a private breastfeeding room for mothers who were there with their infants. The nebulizer room had several nooks where you had a table (ledge) and chair for each patient. A great deal of thought was also given to creating the signages done in a friendly-looking font.

Ella Obogne, a customer care specialist, said, “MomMe Care from HP (Hi Precision) caters (to) pregnant and pedia (patients). So ang ambience dito is more comfortable than sa clinic na medyo maraming patient(s)…”

The Special Paint Used in MomMe Care

A special place like this calls for special paint. Melissa said,

We used Virtuoso paint because of its antibacterial feature. At the same time it has Teflon so that makes it easier for us to keep the walls clean. We created a space that will be relaxing for moms but at the same time fun for the kids.

Hi Precision gets a lot of kids and pregnant moms in the branches in Del Monte and Las Pinas, therefore Melissa started MomMe Care here in these two centers. If the current services find resonance, she hopes to expand this service to all Hi Precision Diagnostics branches nationwide.

What is industrial interior design and what paint color palette fits this style? Let’s give this some attention because although this style has been around for a decade, it is still very much a trend today, also here in the Philippines. Just go around the restaurants in the city, and you’ll see some of this design’s influences. Check out this article 21 Restaurants Around Manila with Beautiful Interior Designs. 

Some Elements of Industrial Interior Design

Last year, I wrote an article Get That Industrial Look in Your Home. The photo gallery in that article will show you the different elements that make up this style. To summarize:

  • mixture of wood and metal surfaces
  • vintage-inspired furniture
  • exposed pipes and ducts
  • industrial lamps, rust is welcome
  • brick walls
  • neutral tones
  • functional objects used as decor
  • metal suspended lamps with Edison bulbs
  • repurposing of pipes for use in furniture 

The Paint Palette that Fits the Industrial Interior Style

Industrial interior design highlights the rawness of the building materials used like bricks, concrete, metal pipes and ducts. They are left uncovered and become design elements. Some would consider this design minimalism. I would agree but only in the sense of using elements at its barest with no adornment, not the fewest or simplest, like in Turn Your Room into a Minimalist Space.

You can combine this style with contemporary, vintage or even classical furniture. Give the look more drama by highlighting the textures of the different materials, like the gleam of metal against the grit of brick, or a soft plush rug on a concrete floor.

A friend of mine who renovated his condo several years ago had a concrete pillar stripped. He loved the rawness of the concrete so much that he left it like that. His collection of high-end furniture and accessories went very well with that rough-looking pillar.

I suggest that if you want this look, tone it down and definitely do not copy what you see in the restaurants. Especially for a new-build where the ceilings are not so high, and the shape is usually like a box, you don’t have the authentic elements like old brick walls or exposed pipes and ducts that are usually highlighted in ceilings of this interior style. Look through magazines, surf the Internet, then build this look slowly. Remember that this is your home and you’d want it to be warm, welcoming, cozy and comfortable. For that, choose accessories with warm hues but be restrained about those pops of color.

Boysen has a range of products called Konstrukt that can achieve this look. More about that in the next days.








The first post we wrote about the work of interior designer Gila Salvador of Madhouse Design Studio, was about a renovation she did of a small space, a 22 sqm condo to fit a family of 5.

This  second one is about another renovation of a 29 sqm condo, again for a family of 5. It is not only space that was the challenge but also the dated look of the condo because it is in a 25-year old building.

Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

What I admire about Gila is that she makes something seemingly impossible possible. You can see from both projects that she really listens very closely to what the homeowners have to say. Here are the main elements that make her projects successful:

  1. She uses both vertical and horizontal spaces in her design.
  2. Clutter makes any space look smaller so she provides as much storage as she can so that the family members have somewhere to put their belongings.
  3. She provides fitted furniture which may be multifunctional, like a bed-cum-couch.
  4. Wall, furniture and upholstery colors are neutrals and blend well together.

Gila is the CEO and Creative Director for Madhouse Design Studio, an interior design, graphic design and construction company based in Metro Manila. If you follow her FB page, you will see that Gila’s unique abilities to cater to this market has been keeping her so busy.

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Small spaces are not a preferred choice for most people. However, majority buy smaller condo units because rents or costs of properties are more affordable for smaller spaces.  If you’re single or a couple, it’s not such a problem. But if you have children, then the challenge to live in a such a small area is greater.

The Ikea Way

Ikea, this gigantic multinational that designs and sells low-priced, ready-to-assemble home furnishings, is able to show in the video below how you can design a 30 sqm living space to house a family of four.

Here are more designs ideas from Ikea, in the layout of the space as well as the furnishings.

Other Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small Space_2
Be creative and see how you can use those odd spaces.
Small Space_3
Use walls as additional storage space to hang things, by adding hooks, hangers, small racks, or magnetic strips.
Small Space_4
Storage space is very important so have as much of these as you can possibly squeeze into the available space. Clever storage means a clean, uncluttered home.
Small Space_5
Use furniture that does not have only one purpose, so have a sofa bed, or a table that has wheels so you can move it around where you need it, or use cabinets to also be room partitions.
Small Space_6
Use sliding doors and not those that pull out.
Small Space_7
Make multi-purpose spaces, e.g., let a dining room or a bedroom double as a living room. (Photo by Joseph Albanese on Unsplash)
Small Space_8
Use curtains to divide spaces.
Small Space_9
Use mirrors to create the illusion of space.

There have been a lot of noise in the news about Ikea coming to the Philippines. But if you’re in the middle of decorating your home right now, you don’t have to wait for Ikea. There are home stores that do have furnishings that you can use, like SM Home.

Better yet, if you know of a carpenter who can custom-make furnitures for your space, then that would be the best option.

For more inspiration, read the article Tips on How to Use Paint to Make Your Condo Look Bigger.





The industrial look in interior design, which is beloved by hipsters and mostly found in lofts, has been around for about 10 years, but it is still very popular today. In the Philippines, where we don’t have huge industrial buildings like factories that are converted into homes, there is still the possibility to get that industrial look. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of cafes and restaurants in the city sporting this look.

industrial look_2
Photos by Stephen Di Donato, Lisheng Chang, Alisa Anton, freddie marriage, & Mitch Moondae – on Unsplash

The Elements of the Industrial Look

Check out the gallery below.

"Metal" door
"Metal" door
« 1 of 10 »


Tip: Just make sure that you have softer textures and other finishes and not just the rough, raw materials found in factories. After all, it is your home, and that should feel warm, cozy and comfortable.















Kuysen, an exclusive importer and distributor of over 70 industrial and architectural brands, got Boysen to supply the paints to create the perfect space for the Duravit LUV Bathroom Series.

“When I was drawing up my design for Duravit, the image in my mind’s eye from the very start was a bowl filled with water on a simple table,” said the Danish designer Cecilie Manz.

From a “bowl filled with water on a simple table” to this!

Luv oval above-counter basin on a console in White Structure (made of Quartz), furniture in Stone grey
Luv above counter basin with Luv furniture:
Console plate in White Structure (made of Quartz), furniture in Light Blue.

This blog is full of Scandi-style interiors, the darling of today’s interior designers and stylists, and the Luv Bathroom Series is another example of that clean, minimal look.

“Luv’s unusual design combines Nordic purism and timeless elegance. Gentle forms follow a sharp geometry. The selection of materials and colors is testament to Cecilie Manz’s refined sense for nuanced form. Her color palate of matt lacquers and glazes in soft shades was developed exclusively for Duravit and emphasizes the fresh character of Luv.”

One of many life’s joys is bathing. Whether it’s getting ready to face a new day, or washing off the dust and grime of the day before going to bed, wouldn’t it be such a pleasure to have this kind of bathroom to do your cleansing rituals? I mean, what’s not to love about this Duravit LUV Bathroom Series? See those gorgeous lines and curves, not to mention those elegant and understated colors.

The colors: The washbasins come in satin matte White, Grey or Sand, and the console tables in white, Nordic white, taupe, stone grey, light blue and night blue.

Luv oval above-counter basin made from DuraCeram® with incorporated tap hole platform
Luv guest bathroom, Console plate in White Structure (Quartz), furniture in Night Blue
The Luv oval above-counter basins made from DuraCeram® impress with their subtle lines, generous inner basins, and clean edges.

Boysen’s Virtuoso™ Silk Touch™ is the ideal paint to use if you want that upscale look. It is the only paint that combines the advantages of flat and gloss paints with its low sheen finish and easy clean feature, made possible by the incorporation of the Teflon® surface protector, an innovation of DuPont®.

Need more tips on how to make your own beautiful bathroom? Read From Budget Bathroom to Bonggang Banyo.





The young designer and entrepreneur Gila Salvador transformed a 22-sqm condo to fit a family of 5.

For this turnkey project, the team did concept, construction, furniture and accessories, and finished the project in 45 days.

Gila said, “We always use Boysen paints in our projects. Also, stay tuned for our upcoming project wherein we used Boysen paints as well.”

This video has become viral with nearly 3.5 M views. Because of the exposure, the company announced a couple of months ago that they were fully booked for July and August. According to a post in their facebook page, “Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries and oculars conducted in the past 2 weeks. We are now officially fully booked for July-August projects. We can only take in a maximum of 12 construction projects every 30-45 days. But rest assured we are expanding our team to cater to more clients.”

Gila is the CEO and Creative Director for Madhouse Design Studio, an interior design, graphic design and construction company based in Metro Manila.

For the outdoorsy type who wants to bring the blues of Boracay and Bohol into your kitchen, here’s a brightly intense blue from the Boysen Color Trend 2017 called Rebel Yell.

This is a kitchen for those people who may love food but do not want to spend too much time indoors to prepare it themselves. Give them a great coffeemaker and a small fridge, a few dishes, and that would be enough. They have better things to do, adventures to take, new worlds to conquer.

This kitchen vignette is one of five under the concept Complete Your Home, an inspired idea from Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing of SM Home.

Steal some ideas for your own kitchen and visit this exhibit in the bridgeway at the 5th floor of SM Makati on or before August 31.