Open concept layouts have become increasingly popular in today’s modern homes. These designs seamlessly blend living, dining, and kitchen areas, creating spacious and fluid living spaces. However, with the absence of walls to separate these spaces, maintaining a sense of flow can be a challenge. One effective way to create harmony in open concept homes is through the strategic use of color.

Choose a Base Color Palette

Creating Flow: Color Strategies for Open Concept Homes | MyBoysen

Pick a cohesive color palette as the base tone for your home. It’s best to go with neutrals and minimalist shades such as off-whites, grays, and subdued beiges.

There’s a myriad of soft, muted colors to choose from. Check out this article to get you started.

Select the same flooring

Creating Flow: Color Strategies for Open Concept Homes | MyBoysen

It might be tempting to pick different types of flooring for different areas of the home. But, if done incorrectly, it can make the space look mismatched. Choose a consistent flooring material or color scheme throughout the space to create a seamless transition from one area to another.

Thinking of going for natural wooden floors? Check out our color palette from Boysen Oil Wood Stain.

Use Accent Colors

Creating Flow: Color Strategies for Open Concept Homes | MyBoysen

The use of accent colors can help define specific zones within your open concept layout. You can introduce accent colors on furniture, fixtures, or other decorative home items. Better yet, consider painting accent walls in the different areas of your home as well. Aside from being visually striking, accent walls can help form a distinction between different areas.

Just make sure to keep your base color palette in mind when choosing accent colors. While we want to create some sort of separation between areas, we’re still aiming for a seamless, cohesive look throughout the entire home.

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Consider Color Blocking

Creating Flow: Color Strategies for Open Concept Homes | MyBoysen

Take accent walls one step further by experimenting with color blocking, a technique using bold, contrasting colors to define different areas within a space. Try painting architectural elements such as columns or arches in different hues.

Try it out for yourself! Check out this article for some color blocking concepts.

Some Final Notes

Creating flow in open concept homes involves thoughtful consideration for not just the type and placement of furniture, but in color choices and application techniques as well. By selecting a cohesive base palette, using accent colors, and maintaining visual continuity, you can enhance the flow and connectivity of your living space. Experiment with different colors and painting techniques to discover the perfect balance that reflects your own personal style and enhances the overall harmony of your home.

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