When in doubt about what interior style to have for your home, you can go for the Modern Classic interior style, sometimes also called the Modern Traditional style.

As the names indicate, it is a mix of modern and traditional, which is the secret of its longevity. With this interior style, you can expect it to be relevant for years.

The Modern Classic interior style is considered timeless, elegant, and sophisticated. On top of that, it creates great impact and is fairly easy to put together. Here’s how you can achieve it without breaking the bank.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

Usually, a winning combination would be the classic black and white. But to make it look contemporary, choose warmer neutral hues or go for near neutrals. These are colors that have undertones like off-white or cream and like graphite instead of black.

The Modern Classic Interior Style Made Easy | MyBoysen

There are 3 ways you can create your color palette:

1. Go monochromatic

This means that you choose different tones of a specific color. Keep the color tones subtle. You can add excitement to the space by having different textures in the objects and surfaces. It’s amazing that textures can add depth, interest, and detail to a room. Think of metallics or glass for that shine, matte walls for a smooth finish without the gloss, or warm and cozy materials like velvet, wool, cotton…  Play around with textures until you get one that feels perfect for you.

Read about the 7 elements of interior design for more inspiration.

2. Mix light and dark neutrals 

Light neutrals give it an expansive feel and the delicate black lines of the track and pendant lights give the room a boldness that elevates the whole look. The palette is neutral with walls in beige or greige that are echoed by the bed linen. The patterns on the wooden floor add warmth and interest to this bedroom.

3. Add colors with a light hand

If you want to add some colors to your space, then do it with a light hand. Use the colors on the home accessories like throw pillows or small furniture, but paint the walls with a neutral color so that if you want to change the look, it would be easy for you to redecorate. Refrain from using vibrant primary colors. Choose soft and muted colors instead..

How to Mix Modern and Classic

If you have a home that has old features like moldings on the walls and ceilings, real wood parquet flooring, marble floors, grid style windows, arched doorways, don’t rip them out. Work with these features instead. If the bones of your home consist of such features, then you can go modern with your furniture. Opt for a light neutral paint color for your wall.

Personally, I can’t stand textured walls like the popcorn walls and ceilings of the 70s. I prefer smooth walls. But don’t listen to me if you like that kind of thing. Also you might be pleased to note that if this is something you like, textured walls are making a comeback.

When mixing styles, remember the 80-20 rule in interior design. Click this link. In the Modern Classic interior style, it just means that 80% of the space should be modern, and 20% traditional.

This makes it easy. You can use furniture handed down to you by your ancestors. I mentioned this in another post and a colleague said to me, “Wala naman akong namana. Paano iyan?” Madali lang iyan. FB marketplace is the key. Or secondhand shops like those in Bangkal, Makati. Or those Japanese surplus stores. You’d be surprised sometimes at what you can find. If you have a bigger budget, try antique stores.

I love those old plateras, or wooden tables, vintage mirrors, solihiya chairs… But make these accents. Avoid replicating your grandparents’ sala set.

If you have only small pieces, then display them on your console table or bookshelves.

The Modern Classic Interior Style

What also makes Modern Classic style easy to pull off is because the modern style is all about sleek, clean and simple lines, and a mix of warm and cool neutrals colors, which would make 80% of the room be like a neutral canvas you can work on. Then, 20% would be your classic elements that can be used as embellishments. Remember to stick to this 80-20 rule for balance in your design.

Time is a luxury for everyone. Our modern lives demand homes that are easy to maintain so that upkeep can be done more easily than during the times of our ancestors when the people running the household were usually dedicated to that task.

But the bygone years have a lot to offer so if you have mementos or heirlooms, use these around the house. With the Modern Classic style, you can make your home shine like a gem.

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