Dreading having to prepare meals at home because of all the hassle? Save yourself from greasy fast food and steep delivery fees by lessening the stress you feel in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be such a fuss! Find ways to take some of the frustrations out of cooking with a good kitchen setup. Here are some tips.

1. Clear Clutter from Countertops

Countertops are prime real estate. It’s where the most used kitchen appliances are and where a lot of the meal prep is carried out. So, being smart about what stays on your kitchen countertop is vital.

Overcrowded countertops leave you little room to place ingredients and constrict your movement. You don’t want to keep elbowing things out of the way just so you can cut vegetables. Be decisive about what stays on your countertop and clear out whatever’s not meant to be there once you’re done using it.

5 Kitchen Setup Tips to Make Meal Prep Less Stressful | MyBoysen

2. Keep Things Within Reach

Leaving the stove to quickly grab something you need is not only bothersome but dangerous as well, especially if you have to do it several times while you’re cooking. Have the things you’ll need or often reach for within arm’s length.

Set up seasonings, cooking oil, and cooking utensils on a rack or shelf near the stove so you can just grab and use. Store pots and pans in a nearby cabinet or set up s-hooks so you can hang them.

3. Stock and Store Wisely

If you have yet to have one, a system for where and how you store pantry items will only bring good things to your meal prep and cooking experience. Stop checking every cabinet and drawer for that one thing you’re sure you have but just can’t remember where you’ve hidden.

Know where you’ve kept everything once and for all. Designate one cabinet for sauces and canned goods, for example, and another for chips and sweets. If you need storage bins, it’s only all too convenient to buy them these days. It helps to keep stock of what you have as well so you’re sure you have an ingredient when you need it.

5 Kitchen Setup Tips to Make Meal Prep Less Stressful | MyBoysen

4. Get Good Lighting

Lighting is sneaky. There are times we tolerate bad lighting without even noticing it. Then, it’s only when there’s more or better light that we realize that things could’ve been much better.

If your own shadow is making it difficult to slice and peel, then it’s time to get some task lights. Under-cabinet lighting is affordable and illuminates your countertops. Check if your overhead lights need changing as well.

5. Cut Cleaning Time

One of the most effective ways to cut cleaning time in the kitchen is to have a “garbage bowl.” This is a small container where you can immediately dump peels, empty packets, egg shells, and other trash that accumulate when cooking. This way, you don’t have trash everywhere on your countertop.

5 Kitchen Setup Tips to Make Meal Prep Less Stressful | MyBoysen

You’ll also be wiping down surfaces often so the easier they are to clean, the better. For the painted walls in your kitchen, consider Virtuoso Silk Touch. It’s a beautiful matte paint with the easy-to-clean capabilities of glossy paints. It’s manufactured to have a surface protector so oil and dirt do not easily stick to it.

Virtuoso Silk Touch is also antibacterial so you get extra defense against common harmful household bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Plus, it’s resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi. Perfect.

Hoping these tips can help make meal prep and cooking into an activity you can look forward to. Good luck!

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