Weekends are a wonderful way to unwind, to really take time to pamper yourself and your family. You don’t have to spend much to have a good time. Not everyone can go on staycations or go off on some adventurous trip out of the usual hood. “Homecations” can work too. Have some family rituals like a slow breakfast of garlic rice, tapa, daing na bangus with eggs, instead of the usual brekkie-on-the-run during weekdays. And if you are the type to DIY, finding ways to beautify your home can be fun and an adventure in itself.

That’s what I did one weekend, dream about home makeovers. I finally managed to get myself to The Color Library in MOA Square with my buddies. We were fairly early so we could avoid the weekend crowd. (If you have the luxury, go visit the place during weekdays.)

The Color Library

The Color Library is just a few steps away from the IKEA entrance on the second floor. It’s a wide and not so deep space but it is inspiring to look at despite its modest size. The Colorbooks, paint swatches on MDF, line the walls on two sides. More than 1,300 colors glow like gems. They are color coded so it is easy to hone in on your favorite hue. But then when you move in closer, it may be difficult to make a choice of what shade of blue or red or whatever you like because there are so many choices.

You can put the Colorbooks you chose on the high table. Ask one of the color consultants for a white light so you can see the paint swatches you picked out without the yellow wash from the overhead lamps.

One of us was interested to get some paint for a project. Being an artist, he was certain about the colors he wanted to pick. He just needed to check out if they worked well together. As he was putting the Colorbooks on the table, he spotted more on the table, 24 of them. These were the Boysen Color Trend 2022/23 offerings. He fell in love with Teal we Meet Again | BCT21-7435S, an intense bright blue green from the BLOOM color palette, as did I.

The Boysen Color Consultants

A Weekend Stop at The Color Library | MyBoysen

There were two Boysen color consultants manning the place, and they were standing behind the counter. They were ready to assist us but I liked it that they gave us the space to go through the Colorbooks without hovering around us. Choosing colors is fun but also a serious undertaking. Everyone wants to end up with colors that look beautiful in our homes.

We brought the paint swatches to them and asked them to prepare the paint in 200 mL cans. They had their routine down pat, moving around the small space very efficiently, including having someone in there with them (moi!) who every enthusiastically but very amateurishly recorded what they were doing on a phone camera. By the way, they didn’t know that I manage and write for this blog. I know, sneaky, right? But they adjusted smoothly to having an extra person hovering around them…yup, I did the hovering.

Order Process in The Boysen Library

One of them got empty cans and placed one under the spouts of the tinting machine. Paint colors were dispensed into the can based on the formula tapped into the machine. While he was doing that, the other one was making the labels, two for each paint. When he finished with the tinting machine for all the paint cans, he placed them in the Shaker, which shook, shook, shook the cans so that the paint inside were mixed thoroughly.

Labeling was done after the cans were taken out of the shaker. Invoice happened while waiting for the tinting and mixing. You had the choice to pay then and there or wait until after you got your order. My friend got that out of the way.

The consultants put the 200 mL cans in a snazzy black bag with a gold logo. The whole process felt almost like we were buying skin care or makeup. Well, you could call paint skin care for walls.

Scandinavian Colors in The Color Library

Are you a fan of the Scandi interior style? If you are, visiting IKEA (maybe even regularly) must be on your list of things you like doing. Here’s a tip. The next time you go and visit IKEA, look at the model rooms and how they curate their vignettes. Don’t forget to look at the wall paint colors too.

If you’d like a similar color scheme in your home, just drop by The Color Library. We too have paint colors that are inspired by the Scandi look. Buying 200 mL cans to test them out in your home is something you can do to move you closer to a Scandi-inspired home.

Read up about Scandi interior design by clicking on this link.

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