Bea tests four hacks she finds on the internet which show how paintbrushes used on water-based paints are being cleaned. Did they pass her test? Watch the video here.

I can’t believe the sheer number of hacks we find in the internet! From financial advice to putting on makeup, there are so many experts online! There are even Zoomers giving advice on how to live your best life. Really? At 16?

Anyway, Bea discussed the following hacks on how to restore paintbrushes not washed after use with paint left to harden and dry:

  • clean the brush in a bowl of warm water and dish soap, then brush or comb out the stubborn dried paint that didn’t dissolve in the water and soap mix
  • put a dryer sheet in a basin of warm water (not HOT!) then put the unwashed brush on top of the dryer sheet and leave to soak
  • warm up some vinegar, put it in a bottle, soak the brush, then comb out the dried paint using a fork
  • whack the hardened bristles with a hammer, then brush out the dried paint from the bristles

So did any of the hacks work? NO!

The vinegar one stayed with me. All I could think about was, ano yan, adobo?

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Wash those brushes after every use! There is really no going around this step, DIYers! This is as much a part of your DIY paint job as surface preparation.

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