The ENLIGHTEN palette is the most subdued palette in the Boysen Color Trend 2019. It is also my favorite because I want my surroundings to bring me calm, peace, serenity and a quiet comfort, and the subtle colors of this palette embody that.

Boysen Introduces Color Trend 2019 in Interior & Design Manila

The Earth Colors of the Boysen ENLIGHTEN Palette

A home is a sanctuary, a sacred space where we can be ourselves and be loved for who we are. It is a place of belonging, just like we belong to this planet Earth.

The ENLIGHTEN palette has the earth pigments of umber, sienna and ochre. The natural hues work very well together. It is easy to choose one color for a whole room or to combine with another color (or two) if the space is big enough.

Living and Dining Rooms

Create a Serene Home with the ENLIGHTEN Palette

Personally, I would prefer the Boysen colors Cloud of Unknowing, Lullabies or All Natural for areas where we usually spend most of our day, or rooms where we hold family gatherings or entertain guests. People amp up the energy in a space and having such colors can provide a gentle backdrop for more open and relaxed personal connections.

Create a Serene Home with the ENLIGHTEN Palette

Combining light and dark colors can also be pleasing in these social spaces, like having a darker color on the wainscot, which is usually a wooden panel made affixed to the lower third of the wall. Although wainscoting is not found in many homes in the Philippines, like in metropolises where high-rise condos abound, some homes do have it not so much for its protective function (against furniture) but because of the decorative interest it can give to a room. This is a design possibility if you want to dress up a bland wall.


Create a Serene Home with the ENLIGHTEN Palette

Colors can be used to create an emotionally healthy home. First you have to consider the predominant function of a room and then decide from there. If you want a sleep-friendly bedroom, then go for cool colors like the Boysen colors Morning Cocoa, Astral Drop and Sea of Tranquility. Imagine crisp white sheets on the bed and fluffy pillows and you’re off to a good start with getting those much-needed zzz’s.

Natural Textures

Create a Serene Home with the ENLIGHTEN Palette

The ENLIGHTEN palette can work very well with natural textures.

Texture adds spice to interior spaces. Whether the texture is visual or tactile, adding this element draws a person in and awakens the sense of touch. Combine rough with smooth, coarse with refined, hard with soft.

The essence of the ENLIGHTEN palette is to connect with ourselves – mind, body and spirit. Adding textures in your home brings you much quicker and closer to yourself.

Boysen Color Trends

Throughout the five years since Boysen introduced a Color Trend with four palettes every year, I noticed that I gravitate towards the most subtle palette in the four. It’s almost an instinctive decision because I want my home to have this light and airy feel to it. I do love bold colors but I keep them as accent colors on a wall or in furnishings.

In the 2018 Color Trend, my favorite is BE YOU. Click the link to check out the palette. Although it’s not as subtle as ENLIGHTEN, it does have that soft, natural feel that I would like in my home.

If neutrals are not your style, Boysen offers so many color palettes to choose from. Just click on this link and surf to your heart’s content.


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