We’re back at it again with another set of daily affirmations; this time, with the colors of the LIVE Color Palette from Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023. Why are daily affirmations so important? It’s a way to rewire your brain to focus on the good and to subconsciously seek out the opportunities you want in your life. Take a look at ours below!

Silver StreakDaily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

If you’ve been in the manifestation side of Tiktok lately, you’ve probably heard of the Lucky Girl Syndrome. Well, this affirmation encapsulates that mindset in one single sentence: “Everything works out in my favor.” Be grateful for everything that has happened in your life and believe that good things are always about to happen.

Cool Tides

Daily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Changing jobs is always a very difficult and daunting process. On one hand, you are truly no longer happy with your current work. But on the other, you’re not exactly sure if there are better opportunities out there or if you’re even qualified for them. Work on your unique skill sets, seek out workshops and classes to add to your knowledge, and reach out to your network for job opportunities. It’s just right around the corner!

Mellow Mint

Daily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Practicing gratitude is an extremely powerful thing to do for your mental health. It diverts your focus from the negative things that happened in your life to the positive ones. It helps train the mind to keep track of the good rather than the bad. Best of all, your gratitude isn’t limited to the big achievements or rewards. You can be grateful for the little everyday things that make life just a little bit easier.

Hidden Oasis

Daily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Society today is so work-centric that setting aside some time for yourself is often demonized. Taking care of yourself is neither laziness nor selfishness. In fact, I think it’s a form of productivity. It’s a way for our minds and bodies to rest, reset, and recharge. We can’t run on an empty gas tank. Carve out some “me time” every day. It’s important. You’re important.

Marine Sanctuary

Daily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

The proliferation of filters and photoshopping have warped our sense of beauty. Social media has vilified certain physical qualities and replaced the norm with unreachable standards the average person can only dream of achieving. Catch yourself when you’re falling into one of these comparison rabbit holes. Remind yourself that social media is an illusion. Your body is unique and beautiful. It has carried you through unimaginably difficult things, and that is something to be extremely proud of.

Sahara Sunset

Daily Affirmations with the LIVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

A lot of the conscious and subconscious trauma that we deal with stems from the past. It can be a bleak childhood, a past abusive relationship, or simply regrets that keep us awake at night. But you know what? The hardest part is over. You survived. The only thing you have to focus your energy now is in healing.

LIVE Color Palette

Did you know that the colors in these Color Trend palettes can be mixed and matched? Check out our recommendations here in this article. If you have any other questions on paints, colors, or the LIVE Color Palette, send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help!


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