Hey, how’s it going? This is for everyone who’s going through some tough times. When the world is pulling you down and a moral sense of right and wrong is turned upside down, what can we do? How can you support yourself and those around you? In times like these, we are called into action. However, that action starts within ourselves. Against the looming darkness that seem to envelope us, fall in love again. Fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your cause, with the BLOOM color palette of Color Trend 2022/2023.

Wistful Lilac

Fall in Love Again with the BLOOM Color Palette | MyBoysen

By definition, the word “wistful” means “having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.” While it may sound sad and somber, tightly seize that feeling of longing and hold on to it. Let it kindle the gentle embers of your soul as you awaken to something that is bigger than yourself. Continue working on your cause and on your future. Remember, nobody can take that away from you.

Teal We Meet Again

Fall in Love Again with the BLOOM Color Palette | MyBoysen

It can be frustrating and painful to not meet eye to eye with a loved one. Don’t give up on them. The way you show them love and compassion will reap its benefits months, maybe years, from now. But honestly, maybe never. And that’s okay. There are some things that are seemingly irreparable. But everything will mellow down in time.

Sweet Inspiration

Fall in Love Again with the BLOOM Color Palette | MyBoysen

A light of hope shines through the darkest of days. Hold on to that light and keep it close. Do not let it fade away in the noise of everyday life. For those whose eyes have opened to the possibilities of what the future can hold for us, do not let that inspiration fade away.

Honey Hive

Fall in Love Again with the BLOOM Color Palette | MyBoysen

Life can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. But in these obscure, jaded moments clouded with anger and distrust, there is always something good to look forward too. Look for these moments. Focus on the bright, hopeful memories and meaningful relationships that have formed during these weary hours. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, as golden and as sweet as honey.

Whirlwind Romance

Fall in Love Again with the BLOOM Color Palette | MyBoysen

Have you ever had a type of love that felt like a hurricane hit you out of nowhere? You are lifted by this whirlwind romance and thrust into a movement like no other. This once-in-a-lifetime love, do not let it die. Let it be a reminder for the comings days, months, and years of the type of love that you are fighting for. The world wants you to forget, do not forget. We shall never forget.

Candies Be Love

Love can come in various forms. It can manifest in a twisted and selfish form of love that razes everything to the ground. It can be a sort of infectious, fanatical disease that can eat people from the inside out. However, it can also be a soft, gentle, and understanding kind of love. Know the difference between the two and continue to embody a love and a kind of empathy that reaches out beyond yourselves.

Bloom Color Palette

From from the original write up of the Bloom color palette,

“Burrow deep into the fecund earth and develop strong roots. The love for like and this planet has never before been thrusted unequivocally to the forefront of the collective consciousness as it is now. It is time to harness our creative power and forge a path ahead that is sustainable for all life in the earth’s biomes. Bloom, collaborate, and be a trailblazer that the world community needs. A Renaissance is a requisite to our blossoming.”

Amongst heavy oppression and hate, we bloom like wildflowers. Called to bloom in the bleakest of environments, we trudge on. We struggle and stumble, and yet we bloom in a myriad of soft and gentle colors, hoping for better and brighter days. Not just for us, but for everyone else.

Questions on paints, colors, or the latest Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023? Send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help. Happy blooming!


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