The olive green color has never gone out of style. In fact, it has been the intermittent darling of interior and fashion designers over the years. If you want to have a modern feel in your home, consider painting olive green on your walls.

Olive is a yellowish-green color that is subtle and pleasing. It could be combined with many other colors, depending on the kind of interior style you would like to have in your home. The olive hue is a mixture of one part blue, three parts yellow, with a dash of red. Too much red would make it look brownish green which is called olive drab. Instead of deep green like pine, forest, bottle, or hunter’s green, try olive green since the color has longevity and could therefore stay current for years.

Versatile Olive Green

Give a Modern Feel to Your Home with Olive Green | MyBoysen

Olive green gives an organic and natural flair to any interior space. The color can have warm or cool tones just by changing the saturation, thus making olive green a flexible color to work with. The beautiful color palette shown above is a perfect combination to make a cozy and urbane home. Cool and classy, olive green works well in a home that gets ample sunlight.

Here are some interior images that will help you imagine having this paint color in your very own home.

Olive Your Best Life

Olive green looks good with white so combine these two colors for a crisp, clean feel in your living room. Add some home accessories made of organic materials for that fresh and welcoming ambience.

Splash that Olive Green

Give a Modern Feel to Your Home with Olive Green | MyBoysen

Use olive green as a kitchen backsplash and pair it with silver kitchenware and a sleek silver kitchen tap mixer for a contemporary look. A dark wooden treatment for drawers and cabinets is perfect for the color scheme. If you want to know more about Boysen products for wood, click on this link.

Bathe like a Nymph

Give a Modern Feel to Your Home with Olive Green | MyBoysen

Bathe like a nymph in this olive green bathroom. Its soothing and relaxing atmosphere invites you to drop all your cares and focus on your cleansing rituals. The olive green color is the perfect background for the white sink and counter. Matte gold and pewter elements give that extra shine. The ability of olive green to be paired with different metal colors is another hallmark of this hue’s versatility.

Beauty Sleep in a Garden Bower

Give a Modern Feel to Your Home with Olive Green | MyBoysen

The olive green fabrics have more gray undertones which go very well with white. Light wood tones complement this color scheme. If you want a darker palette for the bedroom, you can paint your walls with Arbor Vitae | BCP-0427, as shown in the first image (collage). Olive green is a soothing color and would help you slide softly into zzz land.

Check the Colors

When you have decided to paint your walls, calculate the amount of paint you would be needing. Find out how here.

Explore olive green and the rest of the colors in the palette by looking at the Boysen Color Palette Fan Deck. You can get one by ordering online here. Not a convert to olive green yet? Get a sample pot (200 ml) of the paint and apply it on the actual wall. Give it some time so you can see how the light falls on the color from morning to night.

When you’re ready, visit any Boysen Mix and Match Station to buy all materials. Happy painting!


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