Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt like it was a nice place to just relax and chill? That wasn’t by magic. It was very likely thoughtfully and deliberately set up so it would make you feel that way. Here are a few things you can do to make a spot at home give off the same vibe!

Bring in a Lamp

Here's How to Quickly Make a Room Cozy and Relaxing | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatches may not match with actual paint colors.

Lighting makes a big difference in making a space feel cozier. Overhead lighting, like the ubiquitous white fluorescent tube lights, is great during the day when you want to get stuff done. When you’re at home trying to relax though, they’re not the best option. Instead, turn off the overheads and switch on a lamp.

You want a lamp that gives ambient lighting, not task lighting. This means one that casts a gentle glow all over the room, not one that concentrates the light in one spot like over a desk. Go for a warm color bulb too.

Think Soft and Plush

Here's How to Quickly Make a Room Cozy and Relaxing | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatches may not match with actual paint colors.

Sure, the bare essentials are enough. Your bed functions as a bed even with just the fitted sheet, blanket, and pillow. Think of it though. Wouldn’t it be more inviting to get into if there were one or two more fluffy and soft pillows?

Imagine nestling yourself in between them while you read a book or scroll through your favorite app. You could even add in a stuffed animal if you prefer. For your sofa, a throw blanket makes binge-watching cozier.

Get these in fabrics and textiles you like the feel of. They wouldn’t be effective as snuggle buddies if they were rough or too firm for your liking. A fluffy rug gives off the same effect too by bringing in softness to the room.

Make the Room Smell Nice

Here's How to Quickly Make a Room Cozy and Relaxing | MyBoysen
Disclaimer: Swatches may not match with actual paint colors.

Now that your room looks and feels cozy, make it smell cozy too. Notice how the coffee smell at cafés adds to the ambiance and so do the scents they waft at spas and wellness centers. If there’s a certain smell you like or makes you feel particularly at ease, bring it to your home.

Some common relaxing aromas include lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. Nowadays, you can even find fragrances like cotton, coffee, tea, caramel, and sea salt. You can get these as candles, scented diffusers, room sprays, or simply as body lotions and creams. Just make sure the product you’re buying is safe. Non-toxic and organic is best!

Go for Cozy Colors

You want soothing colors to help get you to that place of rest. If you noticed, the rooms we’ve included in this blog post have walls in soft and gentle hues. All of them are taken from the Breathe palette of the Boysen Color Trend 2021/22 collection.Make Spaces Where You Can Breathe | MyBoysen

The Breathe palette was specially curated with creating a sanctuary in mind. They’re hues for creating a safe space in the middle of the chaos of life—your very own cozy space to come home to. Taken a liking to them? You can get them as paint at a Boysen Mix and Match station! Find a list of locations here.

Happy painting!

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Feature Image by Sidekix Media on Unsplash 


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