In creating your dream living space, you have to take into account all five senses. It’s not just about the visuals. Incorporate a signature scent in your home that can instantly calm you down…or perk you up, depending on what you need.

Baby Steps

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysen

Receiving flowers from your significant other feels great. But have you ever considered buying flowers for yourself just because? Fresh flowers instantly add a pop of color and lend its subtle, sweet scent in your living space. Also, it just has a way of brightening up your day, you know?

The soft, pastel pink of Baby Steps from the Breathe Color Palette can have the same effect in your space as fresh cut flowers. It’s subtle, sweet, and adds a gentle pop of color in your home.

Morning Yoga

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysenDo you ever get that “ick” feeling when you haven’t changed your bedsheets in a hot minute? Well, take this as a sign to change them, like, right now. Nothing quite beats the feeling of burying your face in freshly-changed sheets. Savor that clean laundry smell while you still can!

Embody a cleaner vibe for your room by going for an equally fresh and perky color such as Morning Yoga.

Herbal Tea

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysenOne of the things I miss the most about my university is the abundance of greenery. I loved strolling through the wide-open sidewalks as our groundskeepers mowed the lawn. That herbal and earthy smell of newly-cut grass both refreshes the mind and grounds the soul.

The color green provides rest for weary eyes. Paint your walls with Herbal Tea, an earthy green hue from the Breathe Color Palette.

Utterly Pottery

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysenIf you’re living away from your parents, it can be both freeing and lonely at times. A quick way for me to combat homesickness is to cook up one of my mom’s recipes. The smell of my mom’s signature stew brings me back to my childhood when times were much, much simpler.

Red is a hue that can stimulate the appetite. The muted red color Utterly Pottery works well for areas of the home such as the dining room and the kitchen.

But First, Coffee

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysenThere’s a reason why a lot of people choose to work in cafes and coffee shops. Nothing quite wakes you up like the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. If you’re working from home, simply brew yourself a cuppa (or use the instant variety, nobody here is judging you!) and enjoy that uplifting scent wafting through your entire space.

Don’t overdo it with the caffeine!  Instead, calm your jitters with the relaxing latte-hued But First, Coffee.

Charcoal Mask

BREATHE Color Palette: Scents that Make Sense | MyBoysenI have a love-and-hate relationship with rain. I don’t like getting my shoes wet or the resulting traffic after a particularly heavy downpour. However, I completely welcome the cool breeze and the scent of rain that permeates everything after a rain shower.

Embrace the somber atmosphere that comes with the rainy season with the color Charcoal Mask.

BREATHE Color Palette

The six hues of the Breathe Color Palette reminds us to do just that, to breathe. Don’t forget to stop and take a quick breather from time to time. Check out the other 3 lovely color palettes under the Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023 collection. Any questions on paints and colors? Send us an email at Happy painting!


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