During the Ms. Universe event last January, Boysen trended because of the 3-episodic Koreanovela. Last weekend, it was a fast food company’s turn when their 3 hugot videos trended. Other companies have also come out with more hugot, or have reposted past hugot ads. And the public is lapping it up.

Where did hugot come from? According to an article in 8list.ph, “Hugot translates as a drawing out, in this context usually in regard to deep feelings. People, mostly millennials, have come to associate it with any statements or declarations of honesty and #feels.” They have attributed the rise of hugot to Antoinette Jadaone’s successful indie film That Thing Called Tadhana.

Last night, I watched a musical entitled Sa Wakas in Circuit, and that was also hugot. The theater was filled with millennials, and they owned the place with their silence, screams, laughter, and applause. Overheard in the women’s toilet during intermission was, “Ang sakit! Ang sikip-sikip na ng dibdib ko! Pero lalo na siguro sa second act.”

Talking about #feels, last weekend Bituin Escalante had a concert #SoMuchFeels. The repertoire was a mix of love songs that spoke of excitement, euphoria, betrayal, pain, misery, and survival. The audience came out of it feeling bitin. Gusto pa rin nilang humugot.

The Boysen Koreanovela got an overwhelming favorable response from the public to the point that the stars of the talents for the videos are now shining bright. We are really happy for Yohan Hwang and Shine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, guys!



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