Summer is here! Have you decided on what you want to do with your free time yet? Why not give your garage a fresh new look? We’ve been focusing on the interiors that we forget to give the same love to our good old parking space. Good news! Boysen offers a wide range of products that are suitable for your every need and on this post, we’ll focus on one of the well-received coatings that is perfect for your garage revamp.

Here, we breakdown everything you need to know about this easy-to-apply, high performance, weather-resisting paint.

Boysen Acqua Epoxy is a two-component water-based acrylic epoxy paint that has a superior solvent, chemical and stain resistance features that makes it ideal for concrete floors and properly primed metal surfaces. Since it is water-based, you don’t need to use thinner or reducer to dilute it. It can be applied either on interior or exterior but it is mostly used in garages where there is light vehicular traffic. Boysen Acqua Epoxy comes with its own curing agent designed to be mixed together to achieve greater weather and stain resistance and give you a polished semi-gloss finish.

1 4-Liter can can cover 25-30 sq. m. per coat depending on surface texture and porosity.

Of course, an excellent paint job roots from proper surface preparation. So before anything else, you must check the surface for possible cracks and holes, wash it clean and then proceed to painting. Follow these easy guidelines on how to prepare concretes and metals.

How to use Boysen Acqua Epoxy:

For concrete floors:

Mix 3L of Boysen Epoxy Primer with 1L curing agent and allow 20 minutes induction time before mixing it with Boysen Epoxy Reducer. This mixture will serve as the first coating. Remember that it can only last until its 5th hour before it turns to gel. Use it accordingly.

For metal surfaces:

Heads up, DIYer! Firstly, make sure to prime the surface before painting it. Failing to do so will affect the adhesion of the coating and we don’t want that to happen. Done with priming? Mix 4L Boysen Acqua Epoxy with 1L curing agent. One more time, wait for 20 minutes induction time before using it.

You can watch this video for more detailed instruction on how to get the best of Boysen Acqua Epoxy:

These mixtures can be applied using your most trusted paint brush, roller or airless spray, whichever suits your need. Two to three coatings must be applied on top of the primed surface. The drying time for each coat is 30 minutes but experts suggest that you allocate at least 4 hours in between coatings for best results. Maybe you can finish watching your favorite summer series while you wait.

To make sure you get the best of Boysen Acqua Epoxy, wait for three days curing time before you expose your newly painted garage floor to foot traffic and seven days for vehicles or heavier use.

Friendly reminder: Make certain that the air ventilation is of the best condition before, during, and after every paint job and wear proper clothing and gear to protect yourself from unwanted paint splashes and unforeseen incidents.

Boysen offers limited colors for this product but you can mix and match paints to achieve your preferred color.

Make your summer worthwhile and one to remember with this easy DIY project. For more questions, visit


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