Architecture students


At the Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2017 held at Intramuros on April 1, Boysen’s Samantha Fernandez asked visitors what they thought about Boysen’s latest experiential exhibition booth called Boysen Color Play launched in IDM and Worldbex in March this year. Visitors said that they appreciate how the concepts are getting better and more interactive. Here are some of the feedback about the event in Intramuros, and about Boysen Color Play. We are genuinely interested in these events and actively seek them out for the talks mostly. We are here to listen to words of inspiration and actual experiences from professionals because they are aware of the difficulties of the profession. We were aware of the Boysen Color Lab concept, and participated last year. So we made it a point to visit the Boysen booth this year at Worldbex, and plan to attend Conex 2017 this month. Our professors recommended that we join this event.…