Choosing paint colors for your home is always an exciting exercise. Every year, Boysen comes out with four palettes with six colors for each palette, to help you choose your paint colors as well as how to combine them. You can choose two or more from within a palette and you can be sure that they would go well together. You don’t have to worry about color combinations because the colors within a palette have already been carefully curated by our color experts.

Watch this video to see what colors are in for Boysen Color Trend 2018, our top paint colors for the year,

You don’t have to limit yourself to our 2018 paint colors. We started making Color Trends in 2015 and the paint color palettes in the past years are still very attractive today. Color is a very personal thing after all so for your home, choose those paint colors that appeal to you. That should be your starting point. Choosing a color because it is trendy is not going to make you happy in the long run.

Still, if you think you made the “wrong” choice, never fear. Paint is so easy to change and very affordable too.

Paint + time + elbow grease = A new room

Check out the Boysen Color Trends for this year and the past years. This blog is also chock full of colors so delve right in and learn more about colors. You’d be surprised to find that you are also learning a lot about yourself.


SM Home started with their Christmas preparations early, and came up with four holiday hues:
1) Classic Charm, 2) Contemporary Luxe, 3) Modern Opulence, and 4) Pretty Whimsical.
Here are some living room paint ideas from Boysen based on the holiday hue Pretty Whimsical.

Bring into your homes the Pretty Whimsical wonderland with these quirky pastel ornaments from SM Home in baby hues of blue, pink, yellow and green. They’ve got sugar-coated dessert ornaments like gingerbread, doughnuts, ice cream cones, candies and popsicles.

What Boysen wall colors would go well with Pretty Whimsical’s Baby Blue, Creamsicle, Cotton Candy and Chartreuse? Watch the video below and choose from the four paint colors we’ve selected for you.

If you have children at home, then enchant them with delightful decors in the shape of a polar bear or a reindeer which can also serve as a night light for the younger ones. Spark their imagination to comfortably and willingly go into dreamland.

Tip: If you’ve got colorful ornaments, then it would be best to mute the background and choose light neutrals so the details of your decor will come out.

All decors are available at SM Home

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Kitchens are going to be overused and abused this Christmas, I’m sure. We Filipinos love to eat, but more so during the holiday season. Many of us are going to do a lot of entertaining so the kitchen is going to be very busy.

I don’t know if your homes still have that separation of “clean” kitchen and “dirty” kitchen. Do the millennials even know this? With the changing lifestyles, most of us don’t have those two separate spaces in our homes anymore. Most kitchens in condos, for example, are usually open ones. It is great for entertaining, that is if you still have the energy after work, school, commute, and chores.

Personally, I am all for the word that starts with a “c”….as in catering, at least for some dishes. All you need to do is cook or bake those dishes (two max) that have made you famous (haha), and the rest can be delivered. Limited budget? Then get some pizzas, lechon manok, or some take-out Chinese dumplings.

But the best is to host a potluck. So easy! Just assign a dish to each guest so you’ll have all food groups covered. Then as the host, you can make the mocktails. You can zap it with alcohol if you like, but do have an innocuous potion for the designated drivers!

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Get into the spirit and watch Homey Hugs for the HolidaysGlam Up Your Gifts and Divine Dinner Date while having a merry little mocktail.




SM Home started with their Christmas preparations early, and came up with four holiday hues:
1) Classic Charm, 2) Contemporary Luxe, 3) Modern Opulence, and 4) Pretty Whimsical.
Here are some living room paint ideas from Boysen based on the holiday hue Modern Opulence.

Sapphire, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline: If you want your home to scintillate with the colors of precious gems this Christmas, then choose Modern Opulence.

The colors of blue, magenta, purple and yellow make for a modern edgy palette that befits the pomp that Christmas represents. This palette is a leap outside tradition, outside comfort zones. Still, you can never go wrong because the Boysen-SM Home collaboration provides you this color guide.

When you’ve got jewel tones for your Christmas decor, the best colors for your walls would be neutrals to balance that intensity. Here are some colors that could be the perfect backdrop for the iridescent blue, magenta, purple and yellow of the Modern Opulence holiday hue of SM Home.

modern opulence
All decors are available at SM Home

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What could be a bedroom design idea to prepare for some homey hugs during the coming Christmas holidays?

Usually most of us focus only on one area of the house, the living room, when we think about decorating our homes for Christmas. But why not start with the bedroom, your very own private space? Put up something cozy and heartwarming where you can snuggle up with your loved ones, or where you can have wonderful hygge moments alone.

How To Dress Up Your Wall With String Lights

As you can see in the video, you don’t have to have those traditional Christmas ornaments, not even glittery ones, to bring in that Christmas cheer. In fact, you can keep it very simple by dressing up a wall with Christmas lights. Use warm yellow ones that go well with a white wall. Lights like these are not only meant for trimming trees. You can also pin photos of your loved ones, those family and friends you hold dear, to the string lights. It is a wonderful way to reminisce about the many beautiful moments you’ve had in a year which is almost over. Those photos are reminders of the experiences you’ve shared and time spent with them, which you feel thankful for.

Tip: Don’t limit this design idea to the bedroom because it can fit in any part of the house.

Homey Hugs to Welcome Family Home

Are you expecting loved ones living or working abroad to come home for the holidays? Why don’t you put up this kind of decor to welcome them back into the fold? Go to a shop (or use your printer) and have photos developed of the many family moments they have missed while they were abroad.  Pin up those photos but leave empty spaces for the photos you will be making with them this Christmas time.

You know those moments I mean – to celebrate bienvenida, misa de gallo, eating lechon, queso de bola and kakanin during noche buena,  visiting old family members, getting to know new ones, spending time at the beach, drinking and talking sessions with the barkada, etc.

More Christmas Decorating Tips

Read Classic Charm, a Christmas color guide that can help you choose your holiday ornaments and what colors you can paint your walls with.

For other Christmas videos:
Make a Merry Mocktail
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Imagine if you were colorblind and you were not able to see the colors around you the way most people do. Imagine if you could not distinguish violet, lavender and purple because they just look like different shades of blue, or if you confuse red with black or dark grey.

Color blindness is a condition that prevents people from seeing color the way everybody else does. Around eight percent of males and less than one percent of females are estimated to be colorblind.

How would this affect daily life? Think of driving and having to find a method to “read” traffic lights, or finding it hard to know if a fruit is ripe or not, or having to navigate this handicap if you want to be a fashion or interior designer, an artist, a policeman, or a pilot who has to maneuver a plane using complex cockpit instruments.

Visible light is a spectrum of color that most people can perceive. When light hits an object, it absorbs every color except for one that it reflects back, and that reflected color is what our eyes can see.

Colorblind people have defective retinas which hinder them from seeing certain shades in the color spectrum. One of the most common forms of color blindness is the red-green deficiency. It’s not a literal kind of “blindness” because colorblind people can still see these colors, but not in the way most people can. A common example would be seeing colors in faded shades.

Aside from the red-green color blindness, there is the blue-yellow color blindness, and the rare complete color blindness where people don’t see color at all.

There isn’t any cure for colorblindness, but technology has been able to help some people cope with this condition. A fairly recent invention is the EnChroma glasses, which use light filters to remove the shades between red and green. This way, colorblind people with the red-green deficiency can distinguish the two colors more clearly.

While the glasses only work for those with red-green deficiencies, it is certainly a big step towards helping people with color blindness.

The videos here show success stories with these glasses. You can see how amazed people become when they see these colors for the first time in their lives. It’s bewildering to them since color is not something you can describe with words alone. It helps them experience the world more perceptively, as they become conscious of these colors that they never knew existed.

We often tend to abuse our eyesight in our current, digital world, when we constantly glue our eyes to the screens of our phones.

The ability to see color is a gift that we often take for granted. I know I do. So from now on, I will remember to be grateful that the cones in my eyes are just fine, and try to fully experience the colors that I see all around me.

For coffee lovers, coffee is that magical brown brew that gives you a boost in the morning, offers you a pick-me-up throughout the day, or is the drumroll that ends a meal.

Coffee roasts range from a light brown to an extra dark, almost black color, depending on the roast levels.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.
Coffee Trivia
  • Robusta and Arabica are two types of coffee plants. Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, but the latter is of superior quality.
  • Light roasts have more caffeine than dark roasts.

  • An espresso has a third of the caffeine content found in a regular cup of coffee.
  • In Continental Europe, it was tradition to drink cappuccino only during breakfast, and espresso after dinner. Italians would consider it strange if you order cappuccino after 11 am.
  • Black coffee contains no calories. On a diet? Skip the sugar, cream and other additives!
  • Dark-roasted coffee is stomach-friendly.
More Browns

Explore more browns by clicking on the paint names – Lokal Brown, Vintage Cigar, Rich Peat.





Those who like playing Internet games, raise your hands!

Well, I’m one of them, and sometimes when I finish one, I say to myself, “Duh! Did I really waste time for that?” But I do quickly forgive myself, and charge those dinky games to experience.

I see games as a short energy boost in between intense brain work, similar to popping open the top of a thermos mug to let the coffee, tea, or hot water (for the health buffs, definitely not me) cool down a bit so you don’t scorch your mouth when you drink. I can almost see your eyes rolling as you read this. But I’m serious, this could really be a stress buster, like Candy Crush, the one that you downloaded in 2012, and that you still play for several hours everyday despite the fact that you’re still in Level 1.

I’ve focused on the color games that I encountered recently. There are so many of them that I thought the ones I like deserve to be curated and critiqued.

Can You Tell Which Shade is Darkest?

This game shows you if your color vision is hunky-dory. My competitive streak kicks in with this test, especially when reading that “People who possess this type of vision tend to be highly-motivated individuals with strengths in tech, engineering, and creative fields. You have a brilliant imagination and you’re able to think outside of the box.”

Click on the image to play


Only People With Perfect Vision Can Get Through These Mazes

It’s pretty amazing how you can get cross-eyed with this game. This has got nothing to do with color really. You just need to keep your eye on the thread and make sure you scroll smoothly so you don’t lose the thread (pun intended, har har). It doesn’t really tell you how great you are at the end (or how much you suck). So if you’re into meritocracy, stay away from this one, this isn’t gonna give you good feels.

Click on the image to play


What Does the Way You See Color Say About You?

Be careful with this one coz this game will try to confuse you. They put a color right in front of you, and you’re supposed to guess if it’s closest to green, blue, or grey, or something like that. Then when you’re through, they’re going to calculate the results, and out pops a saying complete with an analysis of who you are.

They told me, “You tend to be very emotionally balanced and extremely level headed! No matter the situation, you always are able to look at the facts in order to make things run smoothly!” I’m cool with that.

Go on, try it, and let me know in the comment section what the colors you see say about you.

Click on the image to play


Color Oracle

There are 25 colors. One by one, you get to pick 12 colors which please you the most. Then you get an interpretation which “describes your current situation, your personal focus and your behaviors and gives you clues as to how you can deal with these constructively.”

Oh yeah, it’s your horoscope with a twist. Well at least you get advice in the end on how you’re supposed to deal with your current situation.

Click on the image to play


What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Color Test?

This test supposedly shows you the link between color and gender. If you have some doubts whether you’re more female, male or unisex, go ahead and play.

My result: “You are 90% female, 10% male!! According to this color quiz, your dominant gender is female!  You have a big heart, an open mind and you don’t mind making the harsh decisions for the betterment of the people around you. You are creative, emotional, spiritual and gifted in every area you choose to explore. Like the great Beyoncé once said – who run the world? GIRLS!!!”

Girl power!

What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Color Test?

Click on the title to play 

The First Color You See Means More Than You Think

This is so easy. It takes only 10 seconds, well 20, if you have to keep thinking about it. Just go with the flow, people, and choose your color. NOW.

Mine says I’m “creative”. Check. I’m “imaginative”. Check. I’m “extremely clever”. Oh yeah, double check.

Furthermore, it says, “You excel in environments where you’re free to experiment. You are selective socially and only open up around certain people. The lucky ones who see the real you are dazzled by your charm.”

“…DAZZLED BY YOUR CHARM.” That deserves all caps. I’ll take this, thank you very much!

Click on the image to play


How Good is Your Color Vision

This game is available only in Facebook. I got five out of eight. My color vision is not so good then. There are no interpretations, analysis, or pretty statements in the end. But you can read all those comments if you hanker for more.

Click on the image to play


This Color Test Will Reveal How Many Past Lives You’ve Had!

I got two more lives than a cat. It gave my ego some short-lived satisfaction to know that I’ve had 11 previous lives! More words to stroke the ego: “An older soul than most, you’ve seen the sun dawn and set hundreds of thousands of times. The knowledge stored in your collective unconsciousness is truly amazing. Use it wisely.”

Feeling competitive? Take the test.

This Color Test Will Reveal How Many Past Lives You’ve Had!

Click on the title to play 

What Color Do You Feel?

This game is my favorite. It tells you that when you choose a color scheme for your home, you need to consider three things:

  1. The style of the décor
  2. Where you live (because of the quality of light and the regional influences)
  3. Your personal taste for color

This game is more complicated than those above (which isn’t saying much), and asks different kinds of questions which deserve some thought especially if you are thinking of repainting your home and want to have some idea of the color palette you’d like to use.


Here’s how I think you should choose a color palette for your home: Just ask yourself. And if you’ve got a partner, ask him or her too. Take a vote. If it comes out 50-50, call a friend, that one who’ll always take your side, even if you like acid green walls.

Click on the image to play

If you like these games, share this post with your friends. And do let me know which game was your favorite by writing it down below.

Imagine this scenario: You enter a cozy, swanky place and you feel this warm, comfortable feeling envelope you, and you whisper to yourself, “What a nice ambience.” Then you notice that the whole room is swathed in low, yellow light, and the walls are painted white.  Easy enough to replicate. You go home, arm yourself with a brand new pristine brush and cans of white paint, and merrily shift to DIY mode to paint the whites on, only to be dismayed in the end because your white feels flat and you did not quite achieve the cozy feel you were hoping for. What gives?

To the untrained eye, white is white. But the fact is, not all whites are created equal. If you ask me, white can be a very tricky color. We all know about the advantages of using white – for small spaces, white makes space bigger, white is generally deemed as a ‘safe’ color, and so on.  But white can actually wave its own brand of magic, if correctly used.

With the prevailing lifestyle shift of most Filipinos now, what with the seeming preference for cosmo and convenient condo living, the use of monochromatic color, especially white, has become very effective to use in small and limited spaces. But here’s the catch: those walls of white that so enchanted you? They are not painted just white.  Those ‘whites’ are actually a combination of white and different hues done in different shades to subtly create depths, and to be able to distinguish between areas, and yet allow for creating one harmonious space, therefore giving you that ‘cozy, warm ambiance’. Now if you are a brave soul, and still insist on channeling your DIY persona, go ahead and do so, but just come down a while from your mighty ladder, and elicit the help of the friendly people at your paint shop or depot’s Mix & Match station. They will be able to help you come up with your ‘right white’.

This unit was painted using Virtuoso Silk Touch for the walls because of its Teflon properties and Microban antibacterial protection. The unit owner opted to use Virtuoso because it will allow her to enjoy the whites longer as Virtuoso is an easy-clean, matte- finish paint. Using Virtuoso was also strategic, since the unit is also leased out, hence, Virtuoso’s easy clean feature makes the place less vulnerable for tenants who may not be as careful with the usage of the unit.

It has, in fact, been a very smart move for the owner to use various light shades of Virtuoso as the quality of paint has proven its longevity even with the constant comings and goings of different tenants, thus helping the unit owner in her own business of condo rentals. For this unit, white creates airiness, while exuding sophistication. Additionally, the source of light also determines whether your white will come out intensified or subdued.

Suffice it to say, white is a very flexible color. Floor may carry a very light tinge of gray, walls are “white”, with ceilings that are even “whiter”, all these subtle differences create that fluidity – making the floor, wall, and ceiling undefined space —thus allowing for the illusion of bigger space and yet providing a cohesive look.

So the next time you see a sea of white walls and ceilings and floors, and you start feeling relaxed, warm, and all fuzzy, look again, and you’ll know better…perhaps it’s not quite white.

Every color has its own temperament. They have the remarkable ability to convey a very specific feeling, mood, and atmosphere. They even have the power to influence emotion and behavior.

That’s why choosing colors for your home can be such an important decision. What’s the first thing you want your guests to feel when they enter a room? What atmosphere do you want to create? What bedroom colors best suit your personality?

The meanings and associations of colors vary drastically across cultures and individuals. You may have learned to associate specific emotions with specific colors. What the color red means to Western culture takes on a completely different meaning in Asian culture.

But despite color’s high level of subjectivity, each color still has its own unique ability to embody certain characteristics. Designers find ways to understand color even better to be able to create the perfect room.

Red is naturally an eye-catching color. It’s bright, stimulating, commands attention, and stokes up passion and energy. While brighter, purer shades of red create emphasis, more subtle colors can be warm and comfortable. Too much red is sometimes an eyesore, but red in controlled amounts make a great accent.

Like a tall, cold glass of lemonade on a sunny day, yellow is the most cheerful and energizing of the three warm colors. It gives the room a touch of positivity, friendliness, and optimism. While brighter shades of yellow in large quantities can be overwhelming, softer yellows can make you feel warm and comfortable.

As the middle child of the warm color family, orange is the warmest color between red and yellow. It’s energetic and eye-catching, yet not so striking as red, which makes it friendlier and more approachable. Its subtler shades evoke sunsets and an earthy, autumn-like feel.

Nothing conjures up feelings of life, health, and restfulness as effectively as green. Because it so closely reminds us of nature, green can be energizing yet calming, striking yet balanced. Darker shades make for especially intimate atmospheres, while more vibrant tones can up your mood instantly.

Like the sea and sky it so frequently evokes, blue creates calm wherever you find it. It’s often used to give rooms a relaxing, reflective atmosphere, and certain shades of blue can supposedly make a room feel cooler (even if the temperature never actually changes). It’s perfect for spots in the house where you’re expecting to hole up for some quiet time, like a bedroom or office.

Purple symbolized royalty and wealth in many societies for hundreds of years because of how outrageously expensive and difficult it was to produce. That history has given purple its association with luxury, class, and even the exotic. Bluish purples are more relaxing and calming, while more reddish purples can be flashier, almost garish. Done right, however, you can bring out the sophistication in any room.

While often associated with femininity, pink’s reputation as a girly color has kept many a husband reluctant and uncomfortable. Pink can be fun, youthful, and lively, but pair softer pink accents alongside muted dark colors and the results are stunning.

You just can’t help but feel a sense of homeyness and familiarity with brown. It’s a safe, practical choice, bringing to mind feelings of reassurance and stability. And it’s highly flexible. Go for browns closer to natural colors instead of more artificial-looking variations.

Neutrals are the most versatile and flexible colors for interior design. A predominantly neutral-colored room lets you experiment with bolder colors that would otherwise overwhelm a room. Rather than dull, they’re classic mainstays, perfectly capable of giving a room a personality of its own.

The color black is elegant, sophisticated, and bold, yet simple. Used right, and your room becomes dramatic, luxurious even. Be wary, though: too much black and you risk inciting feelings of claustrophobia and discomfort.

Gray is another wonderful color to work with. It can easily pull off an understated kind sophistication and class. Warmer shades tend to be more inviting and pleasant, but too much gray and you’re left with an unpleasant, dreary atmosphere.

Choose white for a more modern feel. It’s clean, light, airy, and makes your room look and feel larger. It’s one of the safest color choices that gives room for countless variations. It’s best to layer a room with different shades of white so it doesn’t look too sterile and monotonous.