home designs


Most of us have spent the greater part of our lives living in these spaces that, whether we like it or not, we’ve come to call home. Their place in our personal histories is undeniable. Yet our homes have even deeper connection to our identities, much in the same way that our choice of clothes and hairstyles, our painstakingly curated images on social media, and our carefully adopted behaviors do. Wander through somebody’s home and you get a pretty good idea of what its inhabitants are like. Framed vacation photos and graduation portraits scattered throughout the living room provide a glimpse of personal history. Peek inside someone’s bedroom and its contents—titles lining a bookshelf, an old sports bag carelessly dumped into the corner, objects cluttered on a desk—further paint a surprisingly vivid picture of its occupants. Looking closer, you discover their quirks and day-to-day habits, revealed in clues unwittingly left…