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The all time favorite paint colors for home exteriors in the Philippines are white and variations thereof. Choosing white to paint your exterior walls has an advantage called albedo, which is a “fraction of solar energy reflected from the Earth back into space” (Earth and Space Research). White reflects light, and therefore heat, so the lighter your exterior paint colors, the cooler it would be inside your homes. White Paint for Home Exteriors It’s not only us Filipinos who practice painting our homes with light colors. A study conducted by Nacarat, a global color expert that Boysen worked with, showed a study that the general colors of facades from 2006-2016 were neutral shades. Colorful Neighborhoods In some countries, bold colors are the norm, and it looks great with that color explosion. If someone asks you where you live, you can say, “I live on 35 Colorful Street. It’s the pink…