Boysen’s vision has always been to serve the Filipino paint consumers. We ensure that every step we take benefits the very people that make us the number one paint. But for our painters and homeowners to continuously swear by our products, they must first understand clearly what a Boysen product can do.

We’ve written an article about Boysen Plexibond and how it turns your home waterproof, and we’re giving it another round in the spotlight. Since it’s been raining nonstop, we’ve been receiving inquiries about Boysen Plexibond on our Facebook page. We thought another article would help you understand more of what Plexibond is and what it isn’t.

In this article, we’ve round up some frequently asked questions about our featured Boysen product and made an infographic to answer each one.

Here are six important dos and don’ts when using Boysen Plexibond:

Boysen Plexibond DOs and DON'Ts

To recall our previous post, Boysen Plexibond is a specially formulated water-based acrylic polymer designed for mixing with Portland cement. We’ve had several inquiries about this and to give emphasis, note that you can’t use it on its own. A 4 Liter can must be mixed adequately with a 6.5 to 7.5 kg cement, this will serve as the solution to your water leakage problems. Use it on roof decks and firewalls provided that there is no existing paint or tiles.

Although the mixture works firmly on its own, we recommend you to apply your choice of topcoat for maximum durability and added protection. Choose from the wide-range of Boysen products to ensure quality and compatibility. Click here to find your paint. It is also advisable to use Boysen Plexibond on the positive-side of the wall or the side where the water pressure comes from.

DON’T apply Boysen Plexibond over a previously painted surface. Since it is a mixture of acrylic polymer and cement, it weighs heavier than a usual coating. To serve its purpose for a long time, it needs a bare and sturdy surface to adhere to. Scrape off the existing paint and prepare the surface properly before applying Plexibond to ensure a leak-proof paint job. Another popular question is whether or not you can use it on swimming pools – the answer is a BIG NO. Although it is a waterproofing system, you might want to reconsider using Plexibond on submerged areas such as pools and ponds due to the subjectivity of its use and exposure.

Learn more about this product and how you can prepare this cementitious waterproofing system through this instructional video:


Know better! Consult with waterproofing experts or contractors if you are not certain about your painting project. Research about your floor plan and the history of the area you will be working on to guarantee a waterproof success!

Browse the rest of our product highlights to know a little bit more about the Boysen quality. For tips and suggestions, call (02) 363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours or write an email to


Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.


  1. Caroline Hernandez Reply

    hi, can i have my exterior wall be painted with these process:
    >>application of Plexibond as water proofing
    >>after water proofing, we will apply skimcoat
    >>after water proofing, followed by skimcoat application.. final step will be top coat paint application

    can i have that process or after its incorrect?..

  2. Hi! Can I use this for negative side waterproofing and on top of skim coat?

    • BOYSEN Plexibond was formulated for use as a positive side waterproofing system only. For your project, it is recommended to consult a waterproofing expert or contractor for alternative products / systems.

      For further questions, please send an email directly to

    • Once mixed with cement, the BOYSEN Plexibond mixture has a workability of 30 minutes and a potlife of 2 hours. Thus, it is recommended to only mix a quantity that can and will be used within the given timeframe.

      After application, BOYSEN Plexibond should be left to dry for at least 1 to 2 days before applying mortar / concrete topping and/or paint.

      For your project, may we clarify:
      1. Where will the BOYSEN Plexibond be applied to (ex: roof deck / exterior concrete wall / CR wall)?
      2. Does the surface have existing waterproofing or paint applied? If yes, what specific products were used before?
      3. Have you experienced a case of water seepage recently?

      • Elmer Umali Reply


        Can i apply elastomeric sealant, boysen acrycast or acrytex over plexibond it’s curing period?

        Thank you!

        • Email sent to you directly on March 28 —

          For concrete walls with BOYSEN Plexibond, let it dry for at least 1 day and then apply either one of the following painting systems:

          1. BOYSEN Permacoat Latex Paint
          – Click here for product details, instructions and some of our standard colors available:

          2. Titan Superflex Elastomeric Paint
          – Click here for product details, instructions and colors available:

          If you would like to use the BOYSEN Acrytex System on the surface, there is no need to apply elastomeric sealer anymore. Simply follow the suggested painting system:
          1. Prime bare substrate with BOYSEN Acrytex Primer B-1705
          2. Putty minor surface imperfections with BOYSEN Acrytex Cast B-1711
          3. Spot prime puttied areas with BOYSEN Acrytex Primer B-1705
          4. Finish with at least 2 coats of BOYSEN Acrytex Topcoat to desired sheen

  3. After application of flexibond on exterior wall, can we apply acretex cast putty, primer cast before top coating? Thank’s

    • Excerpt from a reply sent to you by our social media team last October 29:

      After applying BOYSEN Plexibond, if there are imperfections less than 1mm, you can use BOYSEN Acrytex Cast as putty. However, please remember to apply 1 coat primer prior to putty application.

      Please see below for the suggested painting system.
      Primer: BOYSEN Permacoat Flat Latex B-701
      Putty: BOYSEN Acrytex Cast B-1711 (exterior use)
      Spot Prime: Apply BOYSEN Permacoat Flat Latex B-701 to areas with putty
      2nd & 3rd coat: BOYSEN Permacoat Latex (any sheen and/or color)

  4. Pwede po ba gamitin ulit ang Boysen Plexibond sa firewall na meron na po na apply pero hindi po sapat?


    Good Day, I was thinking of applying plexibond on our exterior wall, but our exterior wall had a thin white primer on it, do we need to scrape the white primer before applying the plexibond? Or it is ok to apply the plexibond even if it has a primer? Will it work? TIA

    • BOYSEN Plexibond cannot be used on surfaces with existing paint. It was formulated for use on bare concrete walls only. If you would like to use this product, the existing paint would have to be removed and stripped to bare concrete.

      Please refer to the email sent to you.

  6. Arthur Aquino Reply

    ho to apply waterproof products to the painted external walls and what is the best product can be used?

  7. Jerry Reyes Reply

    can we lay tiles using tile adhesive directly on top of boysen plexibond waterproofing?

        • BOYSEN Plexibond cannot be used on tin gutters. We do not have a waterproofing system that will meet your project requirements.

      • How long does boysen plexibond last? How long do we let it cure /dry before we should paint over it

    • Can we use tiles for the roof deck after applying plexibond on it? Ty in advance.

      • Please clarify the following:
        1. How many days has it been since the BOYSEN Plexibond was applied to the roofdeck?
        2. Has paint or any product been applied to the existing BOYSEN Plexibond?


    i have applied plexibond on my pond, but when i filled it water i noticed that there still leaks in it. i just continued on the process on adding water once the level of water became low. i now decided to apply again with plexibond, is it possible? are there any processes to follow on doing it aside from cleaning the surface to be applied?

    • We are sorry to inform you that BOYSEN Plexibond is not formulated for use in submerged areas, like ponds and swimming pools. We also do not have a product that will meet your requirements.

  9. Can I apply skim coat over plexibond for exterior wall

  10. Hi can I apply boysen flexibond on top of the wall with already a waterproofing paint on it? And what I can apply on the wall cracks before apply flexibond. I have bought few gallons of flexibond for my firewall which has already painted thouroseal waterproofing paint before but some cracks appeared and wanted to apply flexibond on it. Is it possible to apply on top of the previous waterproofing paint.

    • I trust that the Technical Team has been in touch to answer your concerns. Don’t hesitate to call the team at (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours if you have more questions.


      • How many hours or days before we can put tile adhesive on top of the plexibond?
        Do we need to water plexibond after it cure?

        • We sent an email to you today. Please clarify:

          1. Where was BOYSEN Plexibond applied to (ex: roof deck / comfort room floor / comfort room wall)?
          2. How long has it been since the BOYSEN Plexibond was applied?

  11. Hello,
    how big is the area, in square meter, can a 4 gal flexibond seal? Thanks

    • Thank you for your message and for following us at Let it B.

      For BOYSEN Plexibond, the Practical Coverage per 4 Liters is 5 – 6 square meters (depending on surface texture and porosity).

      Click here for product details and instructions:

    • Kelangan pb gamitan ng flat bago topcoat pag tapos ng flexibond

      • You got an email from or Comms Team. Ang tanong: “Para sa iyong tanong, clarification lang, saan po ginamit ang BOYSEN Plexibond?
        Sa kongkretong pader sa labas ng bahay o sa roofdeck?”

        Please answer the email from ask@myboysen directly.

  12. Can apply boysen epoxy primer after applying flexibond water proofing?

      • Pwede po ba patungan ulit ng semento after gamitin ang flexibond

        • Hi Andy,

          Our Comms Team sent you an email, as follows:

          Para sa iyong inquiry, clarification lang:
          1. Saan po pinahid ang BOYSEN Plexibond? Sa kongkretong pader sa labas ng bahay o sa roof deck?
          2. Gaano katagal na po nakapahid ang BOYSEN Plexibond?
          3. Wala pong ibang nakapahid sa BOYSEN Plexibond? Kung meron, anong specific na mga produkto ang ginamit?

          Please reply to para matulungan ka ng Technical Team namin.


        • When applied on a roofdeck, it is best to apply a mortar topping on top of BOYSEN Plexibond prior to paint application.

          After application of mortar topping, you can then apply BOYSEN Epoxy Primer as first coat and then 2 coats of BOYSEN Acqua Epoxy as topcoat.

  13. Winifredo Orcullo Jr Reply

    What happens to a newly applied Plexibond mix if it gets rained on within just 10 minutes after application?

    • This message was also sent to you via email:

      Regarding your inquiry, if it rains after just 10 minutes of BOYSEN Plexibond application, because the mixture has not dried or cured yet, it is possible that the product’s adhesion will be compromised.

      For this, we recommend checking the surface within the next day to see if the BOYSEN Plexibond mixture adhered to the surface or if there are parts that were washed off by the rain. For areas that were washed off, you may re-apply BOYSEN Plexibond to these parts. Please make sure to apply the cementitious waterproofing system thoroughly (through the rough portions and crevices) as these may become possible causes of water seepage in the future.

  14. Cynthia Yeadon Reply

    Can you tile after applying plexibond on the concrete surface, thank you

    • When applied on a roof deck, mortar topping application or tile installation is recommended. However, when on a firewall, we recommend painting on BOYSEN Plexibond instead.

  15. Will the unused mixture of plexibond and cement in a container will harden and can no longer be used in the future?

    • From our Technical Team:

      Hi Cris. Once mixed with cement, BOYSEN Plexibond will harden. It is because of this that we recommend mixing only enough material to prevent waste. Workability of BOYSEN Plexibond mixture is 30 minutes, while the potlife is 2 hours.

  16. Is Boysen Plexibond applicable on the interior side of wall? Exterior side is not accessible. If this is not applicable on the interior side, can you please have recommendations what to use?

    • Hi Dys,

      BOYSEN Plexibond was formulated to be applied as a positive side waterproofing system. It cannot be applied on interior concrete walls whereby the source of water is from the outside (ex: rain).

      For your home, it is advisable to consult with professionals (ex: water proofing expert / contractor).

  17. Is Boysen Plexibond applicable on the interior side of wall? Exterior side is not accessible. If this is not applicable on the interior side, can you please have recommendations what to use?

    Thank you

    • BOYSEN Plexibond and its waterproofing feature will continue to be effective as long as the paint is intact and there are no major cracks present in the substrate.

  18. Pheby moog Reply

    Mi did not mix it with cement and directly applied it on a surface

    • Hope you got the email reply sent to you last week. Just in case you didn’t, here’s the reply.

      BOYSEN Plexibond was formulated to be mixed with cement prior to application. 6.5 to 7.5 kg of cement is to be mixed to 4 Liters of BOYSEN Plexibond.

      For your project, may we know where the product was applied to (ex: roofdeck or firewall)?

    • A team member sent you a reply last July 13. I hope you received it. Just in case you didn’t, here’s the reply:

      BOYSEN Plexibond was formulated to be mixed with cement prior to application. 6.5 to 7.5 kg of Portland Cement is to be mixed to 4 Liters of BOYSEN Plexibond.

      Please refer to the following links for the product details and instructions of the product:
      1. Instructional video:
      2. Product overview:

  19. Hi. he is asking the other way.Its tiles over dried plexibond. Not plexibond over tiles.

  20. Can i put tiles on top of plexibond after drying it for one day? Thank you.

    • Regarding your inquiry, BOYSEN Plexibond was formulated for use on bare concrete surfaces. It cannot be applied on top of tiles.

      If you have immediate technical concerns, apart from our blog, you may also reach us at (02) 8363-9738 local 416 to 418. This is our Technical Service Department and we’ll do our best to be of service. Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

      • BOYSEN Plexibond is a positive pressure waterproofing system formulated to be applied on bare concrete walls. We do not recommend applying this on or between metal substrates.

        If you have immediate technical concerns, apart from our social media accounts, you can reach us at (02) 8363-9738 local 416 to 418. You can also text us at 0918-913-6000. These numbers are for our Technical Service Department who will do their best to be of service. Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

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