It’s that time of the year again. As the rain falls in sheets, so are the waterproofing inquiries. Good thing that Boysen has such a reliable social media manager who’s always ready to answer whenever duty calls. But if you’re like me who’s sometimes scared to ask the important questions, read on.

Let Boysen Plexibond ease your worries with water seepage this rainy season.

Recap of Everything You Need to Know about Boysen Plexibond

We’ve said this not once but twice on our previous articles, but we’ll never get tired of saying it again: if you want a waterproof home to protect you from the rain, start by painting it with our product of the day or POTD in millennial lingo. (Just kidding, I totally made it up!)

Boysen Plexibond is a specially formulated water-based acrylic polymer designed for mixing with Portland cement. Read our feature on how to use Plexibond by clicking this link. Important: This isn’t a stand-alone product.

For Boysen Plexibond to effectively serve its purpose, you have to mix it thoroughly with Portland cement manually or with an electric mixer. Its Cementitious Waterproofing System eliminates any cement plastering defects while providing it with durability and an enhanced appearance. It forms a seamless, non-porous, and impenetrable layer that disperses any liquid upon contact, preventing any water seepage when applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Additionally, painting your gutters and firewalls with Boysen Plexibond will prolong its service life so you can enjoy a leak-free home for years to come.

But first, what do we mean by Cementitious Waterproofing?

It is a waterproofing method for concrete that uses cement-based polymer coatings to create a barrier to water and moisture. The blockade prevents damage from water penetration and wards off the appearance of mold and mildew.

To achieve the cementitious finish that outlasts any weather, proper surface preparation is essential to the process. Make sure that the surface is clean and free of dirt or other contaminants before covering it with the mixture of Boysen Plexibond and Portland cement.

We have also written about these important points to remember when using Boysen Plexibond. Here is a simple dos and don’ts illustration for you to keep in mind:

Waterproof Your Home with Boysen Plexibond | MyBoysen

Use a Compatible Topcoat

Boysen Plexibond serves as your first coating. For maximum durability, the use of a topcoat is recommended. It helps in optimal adhesion of the coating and acts as the first line of defense against the rain. Boysen offers a wide range of topcoats for you to choose from:

Waterproof Your Home with Boysen Plexibond | MyBoysen

Important note: Understand that the cementitious coating can only do so much for your home. It can cover hairline cracks but will not bridge gaps and active structural cracks. In such circumstances, call a professional.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help for your next projects, call our Boysen Technical Team at (02) 363-9738 local 417 to 418 for questions about your home improvement or simply write a message to

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Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.


  1. Lito Dumlao Reply

    i got this seepage on my roof deck, but i need to have at least 1-inch mortar topping to correct the right slope. i need to know which is which. mortar topping first before applying plexibond or the other way around. how many coat do i need to apply plexibond?

    • Hi Lito,

      We recommend that you identify the source of the water seepage first. Usually, water enters through cracks. Appropriate civil work repairs prior to the application of waterproofing systems and paint is recommended. Please consult professionals (ex: water proofing expert / contractor) regarding this matter.

      If a contractor recommended BOYSEN Plexibond, the ideal number of coats for a roofdeck is 4 to 5.

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