The Boysen Color Trend 2017 has many blues – all bold, buoyant and beautiful.

For this month’s SM Home’s Complete Your Home, Tom Castaneda, AVP Marketing, chose three:

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell belongs to the palette Maximal. It has the bright, intense blue of lapis lazuli. Rebel Yell was used to paint the kitchen vignette, giving energy to the space, which is very fitting for a place where food is prepared, food being the fuel required by all of us to keep living full lives.

Designer Denim

Used in the living room vignette, Designer Denim is even deeper in color than Rebel Yell. It is a bold color, dark in hue but not sombre.  Paired with light warm greys and a muted orange, the living room becomes a place where you can relax and find your balance.

Space Encounter

Space Encounter, the lightest blue in the trio, has a tinge of grey. This color is used in two vignettes, the bedroom and the home office.

In the bedroom, the feeling you get is one of buoyancy, a place of rest and feather-light dreams.

Space Encounter in the home office is used together with other colors in the Technology palette – Shimmer Shake, Techy Romantic, and Crystal Sparkle. With all four as your wall colors, you’d expect some jarring notes. But in this case, you get a place that invites you to do your creative best in your work.

I’ll be writing more about the new look of Complete Your Home in the coming weeks, to show you that with a change of colors and different furnishings, you get a totally different look-and-feel to any space. The vignettes are on show at SM Home in the bridgeway at the fifth floor of SM Makati until the end of August.

Our possessions mean a lot to us. We value them because we need them to survive. We take care of them because they’re sentimental. They’re important to us because we feel like we’ve earned them.

I’d harp on the evils of materialism and our enslavement to the latest trends, but I doubt most of us are so intensely gullible as that. Still, many of us have way too much stuff, most of which we don’t actually need, and they restrict us in ways we wouldn’t immediately notice.

I’ve always known minimalism as an art form or aesthetic, but never as a lifestyle. It’s a simple life tweak that can help us not only adopt better living habits, but also make our decisions more meaningful.

Having Less Stuff Helps Us Focus on What Matters

Most of us might not be living waist-deep in junk, but I’m sure we all have stuff that’s been left unused years after promising ourselves that we might need them someday. Enter minimalism, which encourages us to reduce our belongings to only what we really need, and to get rid of everything else that we don’t.

Which brings me to minimalism’s most important lesson: focusing on what matters most in life. That’s pretty subjective, but to a minimalist, what matters most aren’t material possessions, but relationships, health, love, growth, contentment, and a host of other words that don’t solely depend on physical objects to attain.

The more things we own, the more attention we have to give them, consciously or unconsciously. They end up becoming distractions. By letting go of the things that don’t significantly contribute to our overall happiness, we gain more time and energy to focus on what does.

Own Less, But Don’t Deprive Yourself

Have we been taught that more stuff equals good? Maybe. Many practicing minimalists would recommend you pare your belongings down to only the barest essentials—a few articles of clothing, enough furniture and kitchenware to live comfortably. Most of them will also assure you that you don’t need to live on the extremes; you can own a lot of things and still apply minimalism to your living habits.

If you need a car to get to work, that’s fine. If you need more than seven shirts and a few pairs of trousers, that’s fine too. Want to hang a painting in your room? Go for it. The point of minimalism is to avoid excess. If you can truthfully tell yourself that these are things you need, that they will make you happy without getting in the way of the more important things in your life, by all means! Plus, buying less stuff means you can invest more in high-quality stuff that will last you longer.

Constantly Question the Value of Your Possessions

Your home is the best place to start decluttering. Go through all your belongings and ask yourself, do I really need this? Does this bring me happiness? Don’t be surprised if you struggle—you may need a few rounds of decluttering before you’re left with only the most important items. Be brutal.

Same goes to every potential purchase. By applying the same line of questioning to your buying habits, you’ll be teaching yourself how to make more mindful and deliberate choices. You’ll be spending much less on new stuff and more on new experiences—travel, education, books, that gorgeous bottle of whiskey you saw at the grocery the other week.

Everything Will Feel Lighter

By the time you’ve cleared out every possible space in your home, things will feel noticeably more spacious. After recently clearing all the clutter from my desk, focusing on my work became surprisingly less troublesome.

There’s just something that feels so good about having less clutter and consciously owning less. Everything that you do own seems to feel much more valuable. You’ll want to take better care of them, knowing you’ve committed to making them last as long as possible. It’s a satisfying feeling of freedom and lightness. That, you’ll want to keep.

Minimal Palette of Color Trend 2017



Seeing Wynn Wynn Ong’s creations up close during a museum retrospective truly helps you appreciate her artistry to a greater extent. Jewelry is often associated with vanity, opulence, and materialism, and we often fail to acknowledge the creativity behind the process of designing and creating these things. But with her works, you can see the brilliant talent that went into the creative process.

Wynn Wynn Ong is no doubt an outstanding jeweller. Born in Myanmar but raised in Austria and the Philippines, Ong’s work carries an aesthetic influenced by her travels throughout the world. Her designs stand out among most jewelry designers because she takes inspiration from things as commonplace as nature. Regardless of whether these are exotic tropical birds or common garden frogs, Ong turns these creatures into something extraordinary with the help of her team’s superb craftsmanship. Some pieces are also inspired by her heritage, carrying prints of mythological creatures from Burmese, Chinese, and Filipino folklore.

The Yuchengco Museum held a retrospective of Ong’s work from March 8 to June 15. Other than her jewelry, they also featured pieces from her other forays into design.

One field she has recently dabbled in is the field of fashion design. She created a couture collection interwoven with jewelry which comprises of exquisitely tailored black pieces. The collection was a collaboration with fashion designer Milka Quin who helped turn her designs into a reality. The clothes are very simple but the golden embellishments are mesmerizing, sculpted intricately to fit comfortably on the human body. My favorite one was the draped gown with a golden piece of a Burmese water serpent and a pagoda linking the neckline to the waist.

The ground floor of the museum showcased the rest of her work which includes her jewelry, bags, furniture, and objets d’art. 

Upon going inside, you are greeted with one of her most fascinating bag designs: a bag sculpted out of a real nautilus shell and woven with 688 pearls.  Another highlight was a stone-like clutch with a golden Palawan peacock pheasant perched on top with a real peacock plume attached from behind.

Her furniture included boxes and cases overlaid with green mussel shells, polished carabao, and bovine horn tiles among others. Some pieces like her shelves were created out of sustainable kamagong wood. The handles looked like individual pieces of jewellery and were created from gold, precious stones, and polished animal bone.

Large “baul” style chest covered with handcut tiles of common green mussel with legs of repurposed kamagong.
Art-deco inspired high bar covered in carabao and bovine horn tiles. Handles are made of polished bovine femurs.
Art-deco inspired high bar in repurposed kamagong. Handles are set with polished smoky quartz, agate, obsidian, faceted agate, carnelian, tiger’s eye, and faceted smoky quartz.
Bone inlay cabinet covered in bleached bovine horn tiles. The handles are made of recycled metal alloys. 

An exceptional piece was this giant metallic cabinet that looked like a cage, with its frame sculpted to form complex shapes of houses and vines; the metal was enveloped in gold leaf while the cabinet also included polished abalone (with prints of Burmese mythical figures), jade dragons, and mother of pearl. This cabinet stood atop a carved wooden base speckled with golden butterflies.

She also created a wooden tree candelabra hung with gems and bejewelled animals, with a dog and a rooster guarding the tree underneath.

Her objets d’art were quite odd but were beautiful in their peculiarity. One was a sculpture of a tree with a golden man, covered in a glass case with a golden rhinoceros on top, resting atop a golden pole (engraved with designs inspired by traditional Chinese art).

Another was a half-opened ostrich egg with a frog in the middle, also covered in a glass case, while a jade Confucius inside a golden pagoda stood atop the glass case.

Like Minimal in Boysen’s Color Trend of 2017, Ong’s palette consists of neutrals that complement each other harmoniously. It is understated, restrained, and possesses an element of refinement and timelessness. The pieces are luxurious in its subtlety and are never gaudy.

Her brand is always dedicated to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Wynn Wynn Ong works with various artisans to create these pieces, each of them crafted by hand. When you learn about the difficult process, from the designing to the handiwork, you will appreciate her creations for what they are: fine works of art.



SM Home collaborates with Boysen to bring you five room vignettes using the palette Technology from the Boysen Color Trend 2017.  Feast your eyes on how top talents in architecture and  interior design create a fantastic ambience in  five rooms that you could find in any home (it could even be yours)–a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and home office. The exhibit is at the bridgeway in the 5th floor of SM Home in Makati until the end of July.

The brain child of SM Home’s AVP-Marketing Tom Castaneda called Complete Your Home, offers inspiration on how to combine furnitures, home accessories and colors to make a living space you’d be proud to call your own.

It’s not only the Boysen’s palette Technology that is showcased by SM Home, but also the color Tinderbox from the Minimal palette.

Read about the room vignettes by clicking on each one:
Glow with the Flow in Your Gorgeous Living Room
Tinderbox Dining Room for Warm and Intimate Feasts
Your Comfy Bedroom Space Encounter
Techy Romantic Meets Space Encounter in Your Home Office
Glow with the Flow for Your Cheerful Kitchen














“Wait for us!”

I helplessly called out to my younger cousins who were already lost in the maze of colorful blocks, which, up until then, they had only seen on iPad screens while playing Minecraft. Who could blame them for being so eager? Against the pale whites of the mall’s walls and floors, the vibrant fortress that was the Boysen Mix and Match Color Play set-up drew kids and grown-ups alike into a playground of blocks and paint, a free-of-charge opportunity to have some fun and to showcase creativity.

Awaken the Child

Walking into the color maze, you’ll find large glass cubes filled with shapes of different colors; once you’ve chosen four, you’ll be lead into an open space with stations of paints and brushes at your disposal.

If you’re looking for a way for your kids to get off of their screens, then Boysen ColorPlay is it. Whether it’s carefully painting on their favorite cartoon characters or dipping the blocks straight into the paint, the activity is a great outlet for children’s creativity.

This isn’t to say that adults won’t have a little fun of their own. For serious artists, four blocks and a few cans of paint are more than enough to create an Instagram-worthy work of art. For the not-so-serious, it’s a simple avenue for self-expression, and makes for great family bonding time. (And great selfies too; you can take your own polaroids once you’re finished.)


Discover the Designer

More than just being a fun form of creative expression, Boysen ColorPlay provides insights into one’s inclination for design by taking a look at which palettes you are drawn to. Do you prefer the warm atmosphere that Tradition provides, or the chill vibe of Technology ? Do you identify with the understated Minimal, or does the loudness of Maximal speak to you? These are important questions for people putting together their own place, and Boysen ColorPlay activities and booklets can help with finding the answers.

Boysen ColorPlay also lends its Virtual Reality (VR) set for those looking for a more in-depth experience with the palettes. With the Boysen VR App, you’re transported into sample rooms created to represent each palette, with new virtual rooms released every month. It’s particularly useful for architects and interior designers who want to see how the color themes could be utilized in the real world.

A splash of color is never a bad thing; whether you’re looking for a way to bring out that inner child of yours, or are out to find the palette for the perfect interiors for you, Boysen’s ColorPlay is something you should definitely see for yourself.

You’ll find Boysen Color Play in Robinsons Metro East on June 16 to 18. Drop by with the family and have a lot of fun!

One word: simplicity. For a style so deliberately and compellingly lacking, minimalism never seems to have had any trouble at all calling attention to itself, in a good way.

Minimalism says more with less, doing away with unnecessary and distracting details while highlighting only the most essential elements. It can speak for itself without trying to be loud. The understated grace of a minimalist room can, arguably, show even more of a personality than a room overloaded with visual stimuli.

We’re drawn to order, and minimalist spaces give us a sense of stability and comfort. They’re clean, timeless, and pretty difficult to get tired of, especially when all you need after the day’s noise and clutter is a quiet, calm haven.

Whether starting from scratch or giving your room a revamp, here are a couple of things to keep in mind to achieve a minimalist space.


Think of a Buddhist monk’s modest quarters or a sterile hospital corridor. They’re minimal in design, but not quite what we’re going for. Minimalism strips the room down as much as possible, but never reaches a point of bareness or complete utilitarianism. Rather, it invites you with a sense of warmth and comfort. Keep every color and furnishing simple, but stylish.


While browsing enviously through photos of minimalist rooms, you’ll notice clear floors and tabletops and zero unnecessary clutter lying around. Organizing your belongings and keeping them out of sight is central to maintaining clean and ordered surroundings, a defining characteristic of minimalistic design.

It’s even better if you can unobtrusively (and tastefully) incorporate your storage into the room’s design, like sliding cabinets built into the walls. Try to keep up a daily habit of putting things back where you stored them instead of dumping them around to “put away later.” Clear surroundings promote a clear mind.

Color and Texture

Neutral colors add to a room’s simplicity and stay easy on the eyes. Choose colors like beige, gray, and white, which are warm and inviting enough that they come off as aesthetically pleasing, rather than lifeless. The overall color scheme of the room should fall within the same tone and stay similar to your base color.

At the same time, you’ll want to avoid a room so monotonous that nothing stands out. Add subtle, contrasting textures that match your color palette to give your room more depth. You’ll also want to accent your room with a touch of color here and there, but do so sparingly and keep the colors understated.

Palette Minimal in Boysen Color Trend 2017
Palette Minimal in Boysen Color Trend 2017

Bear in mind that mixing too many textures and colors will cause the room to lose its simplicity. Avoid overly complex patterns and loud textures as much as possible.


Paring down your room means keeping your furniture to a minimum. The more objects in a room, the less sense of space there is, and the more cluttered it will feel. What furniture you decide to keep should either stand out or blend into the room.

Consider the design of your door and windows as well. Should your window frames be plain and inconspicuous? Should the door be one of your room’s accents?

Wall ornaments, light fixtures, and paintings accent a room nicely, but try to keep the walls as clear as possible (same goes for the floors). Again, keep the designs and colors as simple and similar to the room’s color scheme.


Because minimalist rooms contain fewer elements, the quality of everything you see will be far more noticeable. Furniture made from high-quality materials and their craftsmanship will shine through effortlessly, while cheaply-made products tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Despite the simplicity of your room, investing in better decor will lend your room a natural sophistication.

Cutting your room down to size to achieve a minimalist look that works will always be a challenge, especially if you’re the type who always seems surprised by just how much stuff you own. Besides its obvious visual appeal, minimalism offers more than just aesthetic. Hopefully, it gives your thoughts, emotions, and daily life just as much order and comfort as well.

The palette Minimal has the most neutral hues in this year’s Color Trend. The dark and light greys complement each other to create a restful space that is restrained but not boring. Teal adds an element of surprise to the grey hues.

The stresses of work or school, outings with the barkada, family fun and obligations, and social media are very much a part of our lives. It’s no wonder that  wellbeing and mindfulness have become the means to live a full life.

How many of you are drawn to the practice of meditation and yoga? How many of you are wishing you had more time, healthier relationships, more privacy?

JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, is at the heart of this palette.

MInimal Color Trend 2017

Make this your special place for cocooning, where you can find your balance, equanimity and peace of mind. Even an extrovert needs alone time, when you can embrace solitude so you can get to know yourself better, when you can ground and rejuvenate.

Create your own Minimal nest and indulge in the luxury of putting yourself first. That’s how you can give more to others.

There are four palettes in Color Trend 2017 – Tradition, Technology, Maximal and Minimal.

Click the link to find out more about Color Trend 2017, or download the brochure.