There is a chill in the air that’s making people want to go for hot coffee instead of the usual iced drinks.  While we’re still in the midst of the pre-Christmas frenzy, we should stop and smell the steaming pumpkin spice-flavored everything that seems to be cropping up everywhere. Now, I know we don’t necessarily have a fall or autumn season here in the Philippines. But, aren’t the season’s colors just to die for? Here, we’ll give you 3 lovely autumnal palettes as color inspirations for your home. Let’s spice up your space with pumpkin spice season!

Everybody Get Golden

Autumnal Palettes: Fall Color Inspirations for Your Home | MyBoysen

I’ve always loved walking through the gingko tree-lined parks of South Korea. Even if the weather can get a little bit gloomy during autumn season, there’s just something about golden yellow leaves falling gently that makes me feel like I’m being embraced by the sun. Open your bedroom window to let the cool November breeze in. For this cozy season, snuggle up with a good book and a steaming hot cup of pumpkin spiced latte.

This autumnal palette is all about gentle and warm yellows. These paint colors exude sunshine and positivity. Like a warm afternoon sun, this palette serves as your reminder for a slow and gentle living.

Orange You Happy?

Autumnal Palettes: Fall Color Inspirations for Your Home | MyBoysen

Energetic orange hues take the center stage for this autumnal palette. These color inspirations are from the bright orange leaves of oak trees and the quintessential bulbous pumpkins and  squashes. Orange seems to be synonymous with fall, am I right? It is the color of pumpkins, after all. While we might not have the same variant of squash here in the country, we do have something kind of similar, right? Who’s up for some Kalabasa carving? Anyone?

This autumnal palette is all about vibrant and dynamic oranges. If you’re all about fall season activities like trick or treating and pumpkin carving, this is the color palette for you.

Painting the Town Red

Autumnal Palettes: Fall Color Inspirations for Your Home | MyBoysen

Red is the color most associated with food. Delicious, delicious food. It stimulates the appetite and makes every bite seem so irresistibly and positively mouthwatering. The cooler “ber” months are the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen. Turn that oven up for those delectable sweets and pastries. Fire up the burners for some luscious soups and stews. Fall is all about celebrating a bountiful harvest.

Moody shades of red are ideal for the rustic, autumn vibe. But, brighter reds are perfect for transitioning to the Christmas holidays.

Some Final Thoughts

Still can’t get enough of all things fall and autumn? Same here. If you want more gorgeous autumn color inspirations, you can check out this lovely article down below. Bonus: we have a super cozy video in it, too!

Gorgeous Fall Colors You Can Have For Your Home

Do you have any questions about our paints or our colors? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help. We hope that these autumnal palettes, mood boards, and color inspirations give you an extra pep in your step for the last few months of 2021. Happy painting!


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