You can’t resist red. You have to respond. This may seem like a color that is hard to manage because of its intensity, but it is that characteristic that makes red a powerful tool in your color arsenal. Painting your home a joyful red can encourage the spirit of creativity in the people living in the space and can give everyone an energy boost.

There are many kinds of red and these are just a few shades available from Boysen, so read on and get your dose of home paint ideas.

Red is one of the most visible colors in the spectrum and therefore it is not surprising that it is a hue that grabs attention. If you’re afraid of its power, then skip this article. If not, read on and find out how you can use red in the different rooms in your home.

Red evokes a whole range of emotions from anger to fun, and symbolizes war as much as it does love. No other color means the range of things that red can mean. How do you bring out the best of red in your home?

The trick is to handle red and not let it handle you. This is a forceful and magnetic color that brooks no apathy. Allow it in to give your home that burst of energy and enthusiasm but you have to be in control, otherwise it’s going to drown you and anyone entering your domain. Be bold but deliberate, adventurous but careful.

If you still feel a hesitation, read about the 60-30-10 rule of interior designers when it comes to using colors in the home.

Are you up to the challenge?

Live it Up

Paint Your Home a Joyful Red | MyBoysen

You can use a red brick wall as an accent wall. The red-orange color of burnt sienna can provide texture and interest in your interiors and also exteriors. Or if it’s too much trouble and expense to make a real brick wall, you can make a faux one. Watch how Kraft Kriz comes up with a home paint idea and makes her faux brick wall in this link.

You can paint a red photo wall, as shown in the collage above. You can also take out your stash of graphic art and posters you’ve collected over the years, frame them, and make something like the IG image below.

If you want to tone down the use of red, then look at the interior design of the first child’s bedroom below.

Cheerful Cherry-Red for a Child’s Bedroom

Paint Your Home a Joyful Red | MyBoysen

Red is a primary color, just like blue and yellow, and these appeal to children. Why do you think toys or anything for children usually have these colors?

Children are energetic already so giving them a red bedroom might amp up their energy levels excessively so YOU would end up exhausted before the day is done.

If you want to have red in your child’s room, just use it as an accent color. A pillow and a throw are the only red items in this room. Even just a touch of red gives a peppy note to this neutral bedroom.

But you can also paint more of the red color on the walls like this room below.

This two-tone painting where the wall is split horizontally creates a lot of interest in a space. It is best to have the darker hue at the bottom.

Two tips to keep in mind when you paint your walls with this technique:

  1. Use the same kind of finish (e.g., gloss, semi-gloss, matte) for the two paint colors you are using.
  2. Don’t split the wall in half. Use the lower two-thirds of the wall for your dark hue, and the upper third for your neutral or light color.

A Bold Choice for a Bedroom

Paint Your Home a Joyful Red | MyBoysen

Bedrooms are places where we rest and restore ourselves. Using red to paint bedroom walls are not what most people would choose.

I did stay in a red bedroom once, in a chic boutique hotel in Singapore. It had a tasteful Chinoiserie design. My memory of my stay there was that it was very comfortable, and I didn’t have problems going to sleep at all.

Not Chinoiserie but Moroccan and also very atmospheric, the bedroom walls are make of tadelakt, the ancient traditional technique using lime plaster and soap.

If you are a neophyte in designing a room, use the red color sparingly on an accent wall behind the bed or in your accessories and furnishings. To make use of the the red color as a headboard, and not in front of you, would make it easier for you to relax. You can also choose a darker red like oxblood.

Explore the Impact of Red in Your Home Interiors

We have written about red paint since we started this blog, with the very short post on The Color of Love. Here are some of the home paint ideas about this hue that you might find interesting, especially if you are considering painting your walls with this color.

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