color inspirations


The category Color Inspirations offers countless ideas on how to use colors to express yourself through your homes. Color is emotion, expression, mood. It is a powerful tool to use when you want to tell a story, when you want to heal yourself, when you want to connect to others, when you want to surround yourself with something that pleases you.

Paint Colors

Boysen has thousands of colors that you can choose from. It comes also in different finishes like gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, flat.  The different kinds of finishes has different functional properties so you can also choose what kind of surface you would put the different sheens.

Colors are factory-mixed for bulk orders or could be mixed in the Boysen Mix and Match Stations which are usually found in home depots. Another way to come up with a color, especially one which you would like to be unique to yourself, would be to do your own mixing of paint and colorants. We also have tutorials on how to do that. But colorants can only achieve pastel colors. If you want dark ones,  it is best to buy the colors already mixed.

Color Theory

Color Theory teaches you about the color wheel, warm and cool colors, tints, tones and shades, and how to use the different colors in your home to create a balanced design. There are also tips on what colors to use in the different rooms in the house.

Boysen Color Trends

Since 2015, Boysen has been creating the annual Color Trend. Every year, there are 25 new colors divided in four color palettes.

The color palettes are informed from the different trends seen in the world today on the socio-political, economic, and cultural fronts. First these are identified and analyzed, then colors are brought into discussion for each color palette. The result for each palette are 6 well-curated colors that combine very well with each other. Using 2 or 3 of these colors in any combination can create different atmospheres in your home.

Start with finding the color palette that appeals most to you. Then choose your colors individually, as well as the combination.

There are so many interesting things you can learn about color. Reading this category will teach you so much.