Intertwined pierces deep into the humanity of anyone who listens to them. “As a songwriter, I love making people feel. Whether happy, sad, longing, or proud, I want people to acknowledge their feelings when they hear our music.” said the lead vocal of the 16-member Cebu grounded band, Amanda Gabucan, in an interview.

Amanda or Mandy as her bandmates fondly call her is one half of the duo who started it all. Together with her partner, Henrick James Pestaño, the two traversed the wide array of music genres to find their own. Blooming from their single idea, 14 more members were added to finalize their tunes. Their gospel funk sound that is rooted in their worship ensemble background, with just the right amount of pop and R&B music, can easily sweep the charts and win them trophies of sorts. But that is not the only reason why they are here.

Their band name suggests intimacy with each other and with their listeners, and that’s just what they bring to the stage every time they perform. As the new kids on the block, having been a full band February of last year, they have already gained a lot of followers. Their songs are being played on the radio, and they have also been invited to countless music festivals and gigs. Their first ever single Love of my life, a sweet and soulful song narrating the story of how love unfolded right before Mandy and Henrick’s eyes, took the Cebu music scene by storm.

Be that as it may, they are far from being a one-hit wonder. Their following songs have proven their stance and their willingness to share their message to the world – it’s okay to acknowledge your deepest darkest feelings – good or bad. We are human. The multitude of experiences from love to fear to pain to love again makes us feel human. These feelings connect us to each other, body and soul.

Twists and Turns

Their recent feat was the Wanderbattle 2019 where they bested several homegrown acts around the Philippines and took home the grand prize. Belting through the night, singing their hits like Be Mine and Feels Good, Intertwined captured not only the hearts of the judges but the entire room. Their youthful aura and carefully woven lyricism hit the spot and though you may be hearing their music for the first time, it would feel familiar. That’s their charm. Anyone who watched them live can tell them apart because their stage presence is powerful enough to leave a lasting mark.

But just like any other underrated artist trying to make it to the limelight, amidst their budding music career, Intertwined is afraid of the uncertainty of it all. “In this industry, you either make it or you don’t, so if it’s really what you want, you have to work and work and work for it.” That’s why they always put their best foot forward whenever they are given the chance to share their music to the world. They play like family and the stage is their home. They firmly believe that to survive in the industry, they must love what they do and who they do it with because “a band is not only composed of one person.” Each has their role in perfecting their sound and keeping their band together.

Intertwined on Boysen Beats

Only eight of sixteen band members were able to perform on the Boysen Beats stage but that did not dull their energy.

Their first song All Night easily crept into my senses and I find myself feeling the rhythm as soon as the first chorus dropped. It is a fast-tempo disco-pop track that will surely make their audience dance all day and night. Their second song is a personal favorite of mine; aside from the relatable lyrics and amazing music video (you should watch it!), Be Mine showcases Mandy’s astounding voice reach. She smiles and enjoys herself a whole lot but don’t let her demeanor fool you, this girl could release a dragon once she belts out those high notes. Blessed, their third song, is another disco pop that reminds us that though we are defeated, we are loved.

Aside from the power Mandy brings to the table, the sexy tunes of the wind instruments surely dig into our funny bones. This is what’s prominent on their fourth song, Unique. Giving the sax a spotlight just might be the best part of the song apart from the lyrics. Moving on to their last song, Feels Good, according to most of the members, is their favorite song to perform in front of the dancing crowd. And it’s only fitting to end a roller coaster ride of emotion-inducing songs. If people hear our song [Feels Good], I want them to get up and dance and put their problems behind them.” It oozes with good vibes right from the first beat. It is a song for when you want to give up but then you remember how far you’ve been on the journey and that there’s still more to go and you just dance the night away. That attitude is what makes us human, that’s what’ll keep us going.

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