A beautiful, balmy night. Colorful fairy lights twinkling in Ayala Cebu Terraces. Eleven local bands singing their hearts out. An engaged audience. That was the combination that made the night of December 1 an evening of magic, the perfect debut for Studio B’s Boysen Beats!

The Energetic Debut of Boysen Beats in Ayala Cebu

People either sat in front of the huge stage, stopped when they were supposed to be just passing through, sat on the stairs, or leaned against the balcony railings on the upper floors.

For some, it was a cultural immersion in the music of some of Cebu’s and the country’s best indie performers — The Wonggoys, Intertwined, Mandaue Nights, Loop, Vincent Eco, Mary Anchit, The Metro Fantastic, Groovematics, Three Legged Men, Carlisle, and Cattski. The 12-episode online series with Kate Torralba will be uploaded in Studio B soon.

The Energetic Debut of Boysen Beats in Ayala Cebu

It was an impressive display of Filipino talent as the bands performed song after song. It was a heartfelt celebration of their music and the audience just loved it.

For many, it was a treat to see their favorite bands performing in one place. The event lasted for more than 6 hours starting from 5:30 PM. But there were still people watching until the last note was played just right before midnight. People clapped, sang along, even danced.

The Energetic Debut of Boysen Beats in Ayala Cebu

Studio B at studioboysen.com

People lined up even before the registration tables were opened. It wasn’t very long before we ran out of promo items for the first 200 subscribers. The others though had a chance to win in the raffles throughout the whole event.

The Energetic Debut of Boysen Beats in Ayala Cebu

You can subscribe to Studio B online, or through the Studio Boysen app available in Google Play for Android users. The app will be available soon in the App Store.

Be part of this test broadcast and watch movies, series, and original content produced by the company. ALL FOR FREE!

Go to www.studioboysen.com and subscribe to Studio B now!



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