So you’re thinking of repainting your living space but can’t decide which color to choose. There’s just so many! Well, why not let the stars decide? No, not the astronomical or astrological stars. Though, you totally could if you want. I meant, like, celebrity stars. Just a few weeks back, newlywed celebrity couple Derek and Ellen Ramsay dropped by Boysen’s The Color Library to pick out the perfect color for their repainting project.

Watch the full video here!

The Color Library by Boysen

Boysen recently launched The Color Library, a concept store showcasing more than 1,300 colors in the form of Colorbooks. Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer number of colors in the concept store. We have our trusty Color Consultants to help you through your color picking journey.

In the vlog, Ellen already knew which shade to go for for their guest room. Apparently, her favorite color is yellow! So, one of our color consultants guided her to the shelf containing all of our yellow hues. In the end, Derek and Ellen agreed on 3 different shades. Just to be sure on which shade would work best for their space, they picked a pastel, a medium, and a darker shade of this sunny hue to try out.

Let the Stars Guide You

Showing the 3 colors they picked is one thing. But, we’ll make it easier for you to envision the color in your space with our lovely roomsets down below!

BCP-0819 Lemon Tint

Derek and Ellen Visit Boysen's The Color Library | MyBoysen

The lightest shade they picked is Lemon Tint from the Boysen Color Palette fandeck. This pastel yellow is enough to brighten up the space a little bit without being too overwhelming to the eye.

BCP-0820 Sign of the Crown

Derek and Ellen Visit Boysen's The Color Library | MyBoysen

For the medium shade, they picked Sign of the Crown which is also from the Boysen Color Palette fandeck. This mid-shade yellow is perfect for spaces that get little to no light.

BCT16-7604S Tribute Yellow

Derek and Ellen Visit Boysen's The Color Library | MyBoysen

The darkest shade in their chosen palette hails from the Boysen Color Trend collection, specifically from the year 2016. This punchy pop of yellow adds zest and energy to any living space.

Give it a Go!

Do these colors speak to you too? Maybe it’s time to give this bright and sunny hue a try. If you’re still on the fence with these colors, drop by The Color Library to check out the other 1,317 colors we have! The store is along the walkway connecting MOA to MAAX and SMX. The concept store is just a few strides away from the 2nd floor entrance of IKEA.

Just as the celebrity couple mentioned, it’s super easy to pick, mix, and paint! Pick a few colors you’d like to try out, have them mixed in sample pot sizes (200 mL & 1-Liter), and now you’re ready to paint! If you finally decide on which paint color to go with, just bring over the paint code and name to any Boysen Mix & Match station nationwide to have it mixed in larger gallon sizes.

Do you have any other questions on paints, colors, or The Color Library? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help. While you’re at it, hit that subscribe button for our weekly blog newsletter! We promise it’s worth it. Happy painting!


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