Have you had the chance to drop by The Color Library yet? If not, you’re totally missing out! Boysen’s known to come up with some super fun and experiential exhibits throughout the years. We’ve had the Boysen Color Lab, Boysen Color Play, Boysen Color Stories, and so much more! Can’t remember what they look like? You can read more on them here. We were gearing up for another fun year packed with colorful exhibits back in 2020. Buuuuuuut, the pandemic hit and exhibits and mall booths were suddenly cancelled. With things looking up in the last quarter of 2021 though (crossing our fingers and toes!), we were able to open The Color Library.

What to Expect in The Color Library by BOYSEN | MyBoysen

The Color Library by BOYSEN

What is The Color Library? As the name implies, we wanted to create a space where people can browse through “Colorbooks” to pick out the perfect shade for their dream rooms. We have thousands upon thousands of colors in the Boysen archives. But, our team of artists handpicked 1,320 colors to feature in The Color Library.

What to Expect in The Color Library by BOYSEN | MyBoysen

Each Colorbook has a label indicating its name and code. Also, it’s definitely larger than your average paint swatch, making it easier to imagine what the color would look like in your living space. With more than a thousand colors to choose from, where do we start?


You can go the old fashioned way and just browse through all the colors on our shelves until something catches your eye. What we’d suggest, though, is to bring in color pegs or inspirations. Browse through the blog! I’m sure you’ll find a moodboard or a roomset that speaks to your heart!

What to Expect in The Color Library by BOYSEN | MyBoysen

We have Color Consultants in store that can help you find your perfect color match, too. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on paint and color. They don’t bite! Once you’ve picked your color (or colors!) walk on over to the counter for the next step.


The Color Library is not just your typical concept store. You can also purchase paint pots in 200mL or 1-Liter variants! Yes, all 1,320 colors in-store can be mixed in these cute sample pots. They come in the Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss and Flat bases which can be applied on interiors and exteriors. It only takes a few seconds to get your sample pots ready. (We know, we timed it!) And BTW, we also sell some paint brushes in-store to make your DIY project extra convenient.

What to Expect in The Color Library by BOYSEN | MyBoysen


Our Color Consultants in The Color Library are geared with all sorts of paint knowledge, too! So if you have any questions on repainting or paint in general, you can always ask them while you’re in the store. Or, if you’re feeling a bit shy, just message us on Facebook or call our hotline (8364-9999). You can even email the blog team at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help!


We made a video on what to expect when you enter the store (more or less). Watch it below!


Try not to get too overwhelmed with the number of colors in store. We separated the book shelves into gradients. So all the same shade colors are lovingly curated into groups for easier browsing. And hey, even if you’re not looking into repainting your room, still visit us! The Color Library is a grade-A Instagram spot. Tag us on your photos @boysenpaintsphilippines! Drop by our store along MOA Square (it’s a stone’s throw away from IKEA!). See you there!


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