The Color Library by Boysen has been open for a few months now. We’ve been compiling the most commonly asked questions we get through our social media pages. (Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t yet!). If you’re gearing up for a visit in our concept store, read though these “The Color Library FAQs” first! Let’s get started.

First of all, what even is The Color Library?

Boysen: The Color Library is Now Open! Take a Peek Inside | MyBoysen

Long story short, it’s Boysen’s concept store that showcases more than 1,300 Colorbooks for you to browse through. (Thus, the “library” reference). If you’re looking to do a repainting project for your living space but can’t decide which color to go with, The Color Library might be a good place to get a head start. Read more on The Color Library here!

What are the operating hours of The Color Library?

The Color Library is located inside MOA Square along with many other stores. If you’re trying to schedule a visit, make sure to check online for MOA Square’s operating hours as the store follows this too.

How do I get to The Color Library?

The store is located specifically at 241-242 (SP) MOA Square Level 2, MOA Complex. It’s really just one long hallway connecting MOA to MAAX or the SMX Convention Center. The Color Library is somewhere in the middle, closer to MOA’s side. Find IKEA first! The store just a few strides away. For those who struggle with directions, here’s a simple map! You can’t miss it!

The Color Library FAQs | MyBoysen

Do I need to sign-up anywhere or schedule a visit?

Nah, fam. No need to sign up or schedule a visit to The Color Library. Just step right in to browse. Take photos. Get inspired. The world is your oyster.

Can we have actual paints mixed at The Color Library?

Of course! After narrowing down your choices, head on over to the counter and you can have your chosen colors mixed for either 1-Liter or 200mL pots.

But I need more than just 1-Liter of paint to fix up my room. What now?

We got you. If you loved the 1-Liter or 200mL paint pot you got in store, you can totally have them mixed in other sizes (or volume requirement) in any Boysen Mix and Match station nationwide. They’re everywhere! We’re in almost all major home depots and hardwares. If you need a list of nearby stations in your area, send us a message on Facebook! Just remember to bring in the color code and color name for when you want it mixed.

What kind of Boysen paint can we have mixed at The Color Library?

So far, we can only mix colors using the Boysen Permacoat Flat and Semi-Gloss Latex bases. By the way, Permacoat Latex can be used for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. So you can totally repaint indoors and outdoors! We’ll keep you posted if other bases will be available for mixing in store. Or, you can just ask our friendly, in-house color consultants for a faster update!

What modes of payment does The Color Library have?

Cash is still king. But, we do accept payments using major credit or debit cards. Again, we’ll keep you posted if we have more payment options available. We’re still working on them!

Well, that’s it for now.

Keep those questions coming! We want to make your visit and experience as seamless and as fun as possible. So, if you have a burning question that we didn’t address in this article, send us a message on our social media platforms or an email at We’re always happy to help!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Color Library now and experience color like never before!


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