Bug Off is an interesting product from Boysen. It’s paint that can also kill household pests like mosquitoes, houseflies, and cockroaches. It’s no surprise then that it brings up a lot of questions from curious Boysen users. Here, we answer the ones we frequently get!

What is Bug Off?

Boysen Bug Off is an innovative water-based paint product that has insect-killing capabilities. It has been scientifically proven to safely and silently kill common household pests in the Philippines like mosquitoes, houseflies, and cockroaches.

How does Bug Off work?

Boysen Bug Off is formulated with pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are similar to pyrethrins which are naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrins—powerful against insects but harmless to humans—have been utilized in many ways across different industries including as a natural pesticide by farmers and as a key ingredient in mosquito coils.

When an insect lands on a surface painted with Bug Off, the insect’s nervous system is attacked by the pyrethroids. After a short time, depending on its size and how long it stays on the surface, the insect drops dead.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boysen Bug Off | MyBoysen

What insects does Bug Off kill?

Boysen Bug Off is effective against harmful insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, and most cockroaches including the American cockroach which is one of the most common types found in the Philippines. No tests have been conducted on its effectiveness on other insects including termites, bed bugs, ants, and spiders.

How long is Bug Off effective?

Boysen Bug Off’s insect-killing properties can last for at least 2 years!

Does Bug Off work immediately?

Boysen Bug Off becomes effective the moment the paint dries.

Where should I paint Bug Off?

You can apply it on both exterior and interior concrete walls. To get the best out of Bug Off, paint it where you notice pests like to crawl or land.

Is Bug Off safe for humans?

Boysen Bug Off is formulated with low amounts of pyrethroids, it will kill insects but it’s harmless to other members of the household. The compound cannot be inhaled as they are firmly embedded in the paint once dry.

Passing dermal tests, the wet paint is scientifically proven safe by laboratories at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. And, just like other Boysen paints, Boysen Bug Off is non-toxic, mercury-free, and lead-safe.

Is Bug Off safe for pets?

It’s safe for mammals, such as dogs and cats, and reptilian pets. As a safety measure, keep all pet insects, arachnids, and aquatic creatures away from Bug Off painted walls.

Frequently Asked Questions: Boysen Bug Off | MyBoysen

What color and finish is Boysen Bug Off?

Bug Off comes in white with a flat finish.

Can Bug Off be painted on other surfaces such as floors and furniture?

No. Bug Off is only intended for concrete walls, drywalls, ceilings, and properly primed wooden walls.

Does Bug Off give off a strong smell like other insecticides?

Though low in VOC, Bug Off is not completely odorless. Like other paints, make sure there’s sufficient ventilation when you’re painting. Move in when the paint’s thoroughly dry.

How do I maintain my Bug Off wall?

After you’ve painted, leave your Bug Off surface alone for 7 days to let the paint properly dry and settle. So it remains as effective as possible, when it gets dusty, wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Just water, no soap.

Boysen Bug Off | MyBoysen

Find Bug Off’s full product guide at Boysen.com.ph and on the Boysen App.

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