There’s no shame in needing a bit of assistance every now and then. If you’re feeling a little lost, get a buddy to help you with your painting project. Painting newbie, say hello to the Boysen app!

It’s Filled with a Lot of Useful Tools

Here’s Why You Need the Boysen App if You’re New to Painting | MyBoysen

Experience builds knowledge. As a painting newbie with little to none of it, it’s understandable if you are yet to know how to go about your project. There are a lot of factors to figure out after all. Which one of the many paint products on the shelves are you supposed to get? Plus, how much of it will you need? Will a 4-liter container be enough?

From giving recommendations on which paint product fits your particular project to having a paint calculator which estimates how much paint you’ll need, the Boysen app is packed with tools a painting newbie will appreciate.

There’s a lot to explore and utilize in the Boysen app as we’ve made sure to stock it with what we think you’ll find useful for your project. The Products section tells you about each Boysen product including how to use it. Visualizer which lets you alter a photo you take so you get an idea of how a color might look in your space. Cool, right?

It Lets You Browse Paint Colors Easily

Here’s Why You Need the Boysen App if You’re New to Painting | MyBoysen

There are a few ways to browse Boysen paint colors. There’s looking through the fan decks at a Boysen Mix and Match station. This gives you the option of having your chosen paint color mixed on the spot too. You can also visit The Color Library not just to browse but also to experience this one-of-a-kind concept store.

Arguably the easiest method, however, is via the Boysen app through the Color Collection section. Collated there are several Boysen fan decks (including the ones you’ll find at Boysen Mix and Match stations) and Boysen Color Trend palettes. Convenient, right? You can browse paint colors wherever you are! If you do find a color you like on the app, just remember to see a swatch of it in person as well at a Boysen Mix and Match or The Color Library as colors may look different when viewed through a device.

If you enjoy using colorants and mixing your own paint colors, you can also check out Mix Your Colors which shows you how to achieve a wide range of hues using Boysen Latex Colors and Boysen Permacoat Latex.

It’s Free!

Here’s Why You Need the Boysen App if You’re New to Painting | MyBoysen

Yup, one of the main reasons to get the Boysen app is because it’s completely free! As much as possible, we want you to have a problem-free and enjoyable painting experience. The Boysen app, which comes at no cost, is a part of our many efforts to achieve this. We want to make painting easier even for someone who’s new to it. Hopefully the good reviews the Boysen app has already gotten is proof that it really is useful!

Get acquainted with the Boysen app and download it via the Apple App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users. Have fun!

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