What could be a bedroom design idea to prepare for some homey hugs during the coming Christmas holidays?

Usually most of us focus only on one area of the house, the living room, when we think about decorating our homes for Christmas. But why not start with the bedroom, your very own private space? Put up something cozy and heartwarming where you can snuggle up with your loved ones, or where you can have wonderful hygge moments alone.

How To Dress Up Your Wall With String Lights

As you can see in the video, you don’t have to have those traditional Christmas ornaments, not even glittery ones, to bring in that Christmas cheer. In fact, you can keep it very simple by dressing up a wall with Christmas lights. Use warm yellow ones that go well with a white wall. Lights like these are not only meant for trimming trees. You can also pin photos of your loved ones, those family and friends you hold dear, to the string lights. It is a wonderful way to reminisce about the many beautiful moments you’ve had in a year which is almost over. Those photos are reminders of the experiences you’ve shared and time spent with them, which you feel thankful for.

Tip: Don’t limit this design idea to the bedroom because it can fit in any part of the house.

Homey Hugs to Welcome Family Home

Are you expecting loved ones living or working abroad to come home for the holidays? Why don’t you put up this kind of decor to welcome them back into the fold? Go to a shop (or use your printer) and have photos developed of the many family moments they have missed while they were abroad.  Pin up those photos but leave empty spaces for the photos you will be making with them this Christmas time.

You know those moments I mean – to celebrate bienvenida, misa de gallo, eating lechon, queso de bola and kakanin during noche buena,  visiting old family members, getting to know new ones, spending time at the beach, drinking and talking sessions with the barkada, etc.

More Christmas Decorating Tips

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