For our third episode in the Christmas DIY series, we made a video tutorial on how to make your own Christmas tree ornament. This DIY craft project is easy to do.

The trick is to choose tiny Christmas decors that appeal to you. If you’re creative, you can combine  these things together in one small transparent container. Have a glue gun ready because this will be your partner for this type of craft.

This is a good project to have with the family. You may be pleasantly surprised with what your kids can come up with. Even better is if you surprise yourself with how creative you are!

Two Other DIY Christmas Craft Projects

As mentioned, this is the third video tutorial for this year’s DIY Christmas crafts series. You can also try this traditional Pinoy Christmas parol. It is easy, fun to make, and very colorful.

Video Tutorial: Make Your Own Christmas Parol Mobile

The Christmas ornament is very different from the Pinoy parol. Unlike the vibrant and mostly warm colors used for the star, we are having a snow theme in the tree ornament. Even the paint used for the wall is called Zircon Ice | BCP-0664 from the Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex line. Zircon Ice is a very pale blue color that looks very cool and almost frosty.

The second video tutorial is this rustic Christmas wreath using real twigs, dried leaves and flowers. If you’ve got an eye for colors, shapes, and textures, any wreath you make would come out interesting. Most of the work is done by nature itself. Your job is in the curation, and of course, putting it together.

Video Tutorial: Christmas Wreath with a Rustic Vibe

Painting Walls in Preparation for Christmas

In the Christmases before the pandemic, many Filipinos used to paint the walls of their homes. It was a tradition in many families, especially for those who were expecting loved ones to come home for Christmas from their work places abroad. Usually, the living room had priority. It seemed to be one of the rituals to beautify homes in time for the celebrations during the holiday season. This is understandable. Anybody expecting a family member to come home after many months, even years, abroad, he or she would want to make the home look festive and fresh-looking for the homecoming. New paint on walls always brightens up a place.

Create a Home for Christmas that Appeals to the 5 Senses

Here’s a tip. While making your Christmas ornaments, turn on some Christmas music and rock to new or old Christmas beats. Fill your home with yummy scents by baking something delicious in the oven. Read this post on how you can create a home that appeals to the 5 senses so that you can make the most out of this experience. If there is one thing many of us have learned from this pandemic, it is how dear our loved ones are and how precious life is, so let’s squeeze every sweet drop out of bonding sessions.

Here are two songs that help us remember that Christmas is more than just gifts, games, parties, and good times.

In just over a week, we will have the holidays. If you are thinking of going to IKEA in MOA Square, please drop by The Color Library which you will find along the way if you come in from the main entrance. It’s Boysen’s first-ever concept store which carries more than a thousand colors that can be mixed on site. Check out in person what kind of (new) color you would like your home to have for 2022!


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