Let it B videos


Let it B Videos

The Let it B videos you see here are original content and made especially for the Boysen blog. We would like to show you in moving pictures the many things that you can do with architectural coats, from painting your interiors as well as exteriors.

Here are some of the things you can learn while watching the Let it B videos:
– proper preparation of the different surfaces (metal, wood, concrete and drywall),
– DIY projects,
– how to use the Boysen App,
– how to combine colors,
– the many color palettes from our yearly Color Trends.

We wish to show you in these videos that using paint can bring so much impact to your living spaces.

With paint, you can change the vibe of your dwellings and your work places.  You can enjoy being inside those spaces, not to mention increase their market value just in case you’d like to sell.