These are the six paint colors of the MOVE paint color palette of Boysen Color Trend 2022/23. Move and get your blood flowing with these colors in your home.

Rooms in the House for the MOVE Paint Color Palette | MyBoysen

The four warm, intense colors are balanced by two light neutral ones. These colors could best work for spaces in your home that are used for social activities, like the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, or terrace. If you have a home gym, the red, yellow, blue, and purple color would fit right in to get you in the mood for those high energy, heart pumping exercises.

Bohemian Living Room


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Each time I think of bright, vibrant colors in a home, I think of Justina Blakeney, an American designer who coined the term Jungalow.

Jungalow is a combination of the words “jungle” and “bungalow”. The style is bohemian and brightly colorful.  Justina Blakeney comes from a multi-ethnic background—her father is Native American and African American, her mother is of  Eastern European Jewish descent. And she grew up in Berkeley, California, which accounts for her bohemian aesthetic. If you visit her IG and Pinterest pages, you will see how she makes vibrant colors like those in the MOVE palette work.

A playful and informal living room helps make family members and guests feel welcome and relaxed. Great place to just hang out for a chat, a Netflix night, or a drinking sesh with good friends.

Retro Glam Kitchen

How does one zap away the sleepy energy in the mornings? Get yourself a bright, colorful kitchen just like this. Make a kitchen banquette in one of the corners if your space allows so that you can eat your pan de sal at kesong puti or lugaw there, while drinking that strong barako coffee that would stimulate your brain and nervous system to wakey-wakey.

We are not so much a wallpaper country. So if you’d like to have that kind of design, follow this link for some easy DIY tutorial on how to use stencil and paint.

Deliciously Colorful Dining Room

If you don’t want to commit your walls to color, then why not your chairs?  Keep the backdrop a light neutral then go crazy with painting a chair with a different color. If you’ve got an open concept living space, you can echo the colors in the other areas. In the photo above, you have the colors of the chairs echoed in the living room sofa and cushions.

If you’re dealing with an open plan, it is also best to do zoning, meaning you make a demarcation to differentiate the living room from the dining room from the kitchen, for example. Zoning can be achieved with painting the different areas with different colors.

Since all our Boysen Trend color palettes are already curated, this means that you can use 2 or more colors in a palette and you can be sure the color combination works.

A Patio Where Colors Pop

The Pinoy patios, verandas, or outdoor spaces are usually done in neutral colors, mostly in the browns of bamboo, nipa, amakan, abaca, coconut, rattan, etc. They’re beautiful this way. But if colors move you then don’t let tradition stop you from making a colorful one.

Make one that considers our hot and humid climate or the typhoon season. In other words, choose materials that can withstand both the dry and wet season.

For more ideas about the MOVE palette, visit the website.


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