March is National Women’s Month in the Philippines and we have written three of the four posts about the female spirit. This third post is about the colors of the Nurturer archetype (personality type).

I conducted an informal survey with women I know and I got many deliberate answers. At first, I categorized the answers using generations, i.e., boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1980), and Millennials (born 1981-1996). But it didn’t make sense so I decided to use archetypes instead.

I found four archetypes—The Explorer, The Creator, The Nurturer, and The Sage. However, not all had longings that could be placed in a single box, meaning that some of the respondents could belong to more than one category.

The Nurturer

National Women's Month: Colors of the Nurturer | MyBoysen

The Nurturer is an empath who knows someone is in need even if nothing is said. Compassionate, committed, generous, loyal, and kind, she is willing to give a helping hand to those who need her help. Her love language is service to others.

On top of all that, the Nurturer is an expert organizer whose pragmatism makes it easy for her to find solutions to problems. Being hands-on is a plus.

The Nurturer lives with heart, and would consider other people before she looks at her own needs. If she is your friend, take good care of her too. Cherish her, and don’t take her for granted because she is a gem and the bedrock of relationships. Her energy of love and harmony will help you enjoy and celebrate life.

If you are a Nurturer, don’t forget that you have to tend to yourself first before giving to others so that you can keep your energy flowing.

The Interior Style and Colors of the Nurturer

We’ve made a color palette for each archetype. The colors in this blog post were chosen to represent the Nurturer.

Move the slider to the left or right to see the full-sized photos.

Green is the dominant color in this paint color palette, with brown as the neutral color. These are the colors of Mother Nature, the original Nurturer who keeps us all alive in this planet.

Green symbolizes growth, health, renewal, and hope. Green is considered a cool color. The hue can bring in the soft and easy vibrations of tranquility and peace in your interiors.

Brown is associated with reliability, dependability, strength, security, and reliability. It is considered a solid color, much like the earth.

When you choose colors from nature, you will never go wrong.


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The interior style we have chosen for the Nurturer is biophilic design. Natural elements are brought into the home literally or figuratively. Click on the previous link to find out how you can achieve this type of interiors in your home.

Also read about the healing power of indoor gardens.

Studies have shown that biophilic design improves a person’s well-being. This is the reason why plants, gardens, outdoor spaces like terraces or balconies are so important nowadays in this time of quarantine. If you don’t have this kind of space because you live in a high-rise condo, see if you can bring in real plants into your home.

The Nurturer would like to provide what’s best for her family because their well-being is very much her priority. She will make sure that her family would be eating healthy meals. Meal times would be full of conversation and laughter and would probably take place around an old wooden table inherited from family. Expect get-togethers in a cozy living room that is full of comfortable furniture where people could lounge in.

If she has children, you’d  probably see their artworks on the refrigerator door or framed and hung on the walls. Sunday lunches would have been spent with the extended family in the pre-quarantine days. But since that’s no longer possible, she is the type to keep in touch regularly through (video) calls or chats. The smell of home-cooked meals would be something family members have been spoiled with. And those people she has “adopted” would also get yummy stuff, especially if she knows it is a favorite.

Expect her home to be warm and welcoming. It may not be orderly with everything in place but the mess you find will be because of a life well-lived.

Snippets from the Survey

These are some of the answers I got from the informal survey:

The first thing that comes to mind is not for myself as a woman but for my family, my sons. So it’s good health, safety, happy family life – where there is love, unity, understanding, respect, support…

A rewarding career that will continue for the next 10-15 years, good health, and to be productive so that i can support [my daughter] in her studies and see her achieve her dreams; a home i can retire to and a community that i will be happy in during my retirement years.

There are many roles that I play that define my womanhood…wife, daughter, sister, but the woman-role that resonates with me the most is that of being a mother. I would like to have a comfortable, relaxed, and amiable relationship dynamics with my boys. When they’re all adults, I would like to see them still seek my company, not just because they need me for something, but beyond that, because they like me, and that my presence makes them happy. Since they’re in their teenage years now, I’m hoping that the love and attention I shower them will serve as seeds that I’m planting for the future mother-role I envision to have in their lives.

Not all Nurturers are mothers. All those whose priority is to take care of others belong to this tribe.

Nurturers, keep on loving and giving. However, don’t forget to replenish your strong and generous heart by taking care of yourself first.

When you give to others to the degree that you sacrifice yourself, you make the other person a thief. When you start sacrificing yourself for other people, you make them a thief, because they are stealing from you what you need, and they don’t even know it.

In your life, you’ve gotta be as good to you as you want to be to God in order to be of service to others in the world.
~Iyanla Vanzant (American inspirational speaker, author, lawyer)

Do you want to know how much more women are bearing the burden of unpaid work (domestic work) during this pandemic around the world? Read this World Economic Forum article.

By the way, archetypes are also applicable to men.

For more color inspirations, click on this link.


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