Filipinos are some of the most ingenious and resourceful people out there. We usually manage to think of creative and useful ways to upcycle and reuse a lot of things from our everyday lives. In terms of paint, we usually see people using empty Boysen paint packaging as water buckets and plant pots. I can’t tell you how many people have approached me asking for any empty pails lying around my office. Water buckets and plant pots are probably some of the most useful household items out there. But, these are usually limited to the bigger 16-Liter packaging variants. Well, here are some other fun ideas on upcycling cans. Let’s go!

Painting It Easy Episode 07: Upcycling Cans

We tried to showcase different types of things you can do with the many variants of Boysen packaging. We have 1/4 Liter, 1-Liter, 4-Liter, and 16-Liter variants of our iconic green-yellow-green pails. You do need some handy-dandy items such as a soldering iron or a glue gun for some of these projects. But any self-respecting crafter should already have these on hand. (They’re pretty affordable online, too!). Just don’t forget to be extra careful in handling these things as they can get extremely hot! I know, I accidentally touched the metal tip before. It hurts. Bad.

The Importance of Proper Cleaning and Disposal

While we only showed it in passing in the video, properly cleaning Boysen cans before use is super important. Remember, those buckets used to contain paint! Even if you used, let’s say, a water-based paint, it’s still pertinent to completely clean the can before embarking on your very own Krafty Kriz journey. Store up any small amount of leftover paint properly. Check this article out if you want to know how. Clean the cans with pieces of newspaper to completely soak up any remnants of paint and discard these properly. After completely getting all the paint out to the best of your ability, give the can a quick wash down with soap and water until it’s squeaky clean.

Some Final Notes

Here at Boysen, we’re all about brainstorming and figuring out different, innovative ways to reuse and recycle wherever we can. But, there is a catch though, we do not, under any circumstances, encourage people to upcycle Boysen cans into items that are going to be used for food. Even if you swear on your family’s honor that you’ve completely cleaned out the can, it’s just not something we can recommend. So please, do not use Boysen cans as food containers or for anything similar!

Do you have any other recommendations or ideas on upcycling cans? Let us know! If you do come up with something awesome using our Boysen cans, tag us on Instagram and Facebook! It’s always exciting to see what you guys come up with, whether it’s a home renovation or a crafting activity! And if you have further questions on paints, colors, and all things Boysen paints, send us an email at We’re always happy to help.


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